Hallmark University Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about the Hallmark University monitored by myschoolnews.ng.

Hallmark University Most Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What Does Hallmark University Stand for?

Hallmark University is a Nigerian university created in 2015 and is owned and run by Richard Fessler. The University is located in Ijebu-Itele, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Hallmark University offers numerous undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

 How to calculate my Hallmark University Aggregate Score

Take a look at the steps listed below to determine how to calculate your aggregate score.

Divide your JAMB score by eight

Divide your post UTME score by 2

Add up the scores

For example, Musa, applying for Civil Engineering at Hallmark University, scored 331 in JAMB and 89% in his Post UTME. To calculate his aggregate score, we divide his JAMB score, which is 331, by 8 to give 41.375, while his Post UTME score will also be divided by 2 (89/2) to give 44.5.

Then we add Musa’s scores of 41.375 and 44.5 to give 85.875, which means he will gain admission into Civil Engineering at Hallmark University.

What is the minimum Hallmark University cut off mark?


Hallmark University’s cut-off mark is 180. The Hallmark University Post-UTME screening process is open to any UTME applicant with a score of 180 or higher.

Does Hallmark University accept second choice?


Hallmark University accepts both first and second choices.

Can I Buy the Hallmark University Post UTME Form If I Didn’t Score Up To 180?


You cannot acquire the Hallmark University Post-UTME Form if your JAMB score is below 180.

My score was above 180; why was I not admitted?

Suppose you meet the Hallmark University cut off mark for JAMB.

In that case, you will not be automatically admitted to the University until a successful internal screening exercise is completed before the candidate is officially accepted.