Nigerians react as Secondary school students celebrate the end of their WAEC exams in a beer parlour

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Nigerians have reacted to the now viral images which showed some secondary school students in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state celebrating the end of their West African Ecamination Council (WAEC) SSCE in a beer parlour.


The images obtained by Myschoolnews showed the students gathered around a table containing all kinds of alcoholic drinks whilst still on their school uniforms.


Many Nigerians however seemed unpleased with this, with many stating the students were too young for such kind of act.


Samuel Ekaette said "The Monitoring and Evaluation Department of the SSEB in collaboration with the police should extend their role to the street and ensure that this ugly, uncivilized, premature, antisocial celebration does not happen anymore. The implications of this to the government, school system, parents, general public and most especially the upcoming generation is catastrophic. I totally condemn this scene and should not be allowed to metamorphose. Commissioner for Education, please give it a professional reaction. Thank you."


Elizabeth Omonye noted "When them write for special center he reach to celebrate na, awon Omo wobe 😂😂"


Favour Isong pointed out "Generation of viper, tomorrow they will blame the leaders for their misfortune."


Michael Hardebayor sharing his experiences said "What a coincidence!! Here In my area presently, party is going on. Students who just finished their JSCE exams are also celebrating."


Anyanwu Joseph funnily said "They don't know that they'll soon eat Agbado and Cassava."


Others however pointed out that the obvious decay in the Nigerian society today is likely to affect the country's future whilst others blamed parents and politicians for the moral decadence happening in the society.



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