UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses

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Are you interesting in doing your postgraduate studies at the prestigious University of Ilorin? If yes, see the full list of UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses  here as released by the school management.

UNILORIN Postgraduate Courses

  1. Department of Agricultural Economics and Farm Management

M.Sc.; Ph.D.  Agricultural Economics (with specialization in Agricultural Economics)


  1. Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development

M.Sc.; Ph.D.  Agricultural Extension and Rural Development


iii. Department of Agronomy

M.Sc.;  Agronomy  (with  specialization  in  General  Agronomy,  Horticulture;  Plant

Breeding Genetics, Weed Science, Crop Physiology, Crop Production).


M.Phil/Ph.D., Ph.D. Agronomy with specialization in General Agronomy, Horticulture, Crop Production, Plant Breeding and Genetics and Weed Science.


M.Sc.; Soil Science (with specialization in Soil Microbiology & Biochemical, Soil Fertility and Chemistry, Soil and Water Management, Soil Survey and Land Use).


M.Phil./Ph.D.;  Ph.D.  Soil  Science  (with  specialization  in  Genetics,  Soil  Science, Pedology, Soil Survey and Land Use, Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry)


  1. iv. Department of Crop Protection

M.Sc.; Ph.D. Crop Protection (with specialization in Entomology; Phyto -Pathology).


  1. v. Department of Animal Production

Postgraduate Diploma in Animal Production

M.Sc.; MPhil/Ph.D.; Ph.D. Animal Production (with specialization in Animal Nutrition, Animal Breeding and Genetics, Animal Physiology, Monogastric Nutrition, Ruminant Nutrition, Animal Products and Processing and Toxicology).


  1. Department of Home Economics and Food Science

M.Sc. Food Science (with specializations in Food Post- Harvest Technology, Plant and

Animal Processing and Preservation, Food Safety and Biotechnology).


  2. Department of Arabic

M.A.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Arabic Languages. M.A.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Arabic Literature.


  1. Department of English

M.A.; M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. English Language

M.A.; M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. Literature–in–English


iii.  Department of French

M.A.; Ph.D. Literature-in-French

M.A.; French Language


  1. iv. Department of Linguistics and Nigerian Languages

M.A.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Linguistics;

M.A.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Applied Linguistics; M.A.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Yoruba Language M.A.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Yoruba Literature


  1. v. Department of The Performing Arts

M.A.; Performing Arts (with specialization in Drama; Music; Dance). M.Phil./Ph.D. Performing Arts (with specialization in Drama; Music; Dance). Ph.D. Performing Arts (with specialization in Drama; Music; Dance).


  1. Department of Religions

M.A.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Christian Studies.

M.A.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Comparative Religious Studies

M.A.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Islamic Studies


vii. Department of History and International Studies

M.A. History and International Studies.


viii. Centre for Peace and Strategic Studies

M.A.; Ph.D. Peace and Development Studies. (with specialization in Conflict Management and Peace Building, Security and Strategic Studies, Peace and Environmental Studies and Peace and Development Journalism)


M.A. Peace and Security Studies; M.A. Peace and Strategic Studies.


  2. Department of Anatomy

M.Sc.;  Anatomy  (with  specialization  in  Neuroanatomy;  Molecular  Endocrinology; Physical Anthropology; Developmental Biology, and Reproductive Biology).


M.Phil./Ph.D.;  Ph.D.  Anatomy  (with  specialization  in      Neuroanatomy,  Molecular

Endocrinology, Developmental Biology, and Reproductive Biology).


  1. Department of Medical Microbiology & Parasitology

M.Sc.; Ph.D. Medical Microbiology and Parasitology (with specialization in Bacteriology, Virology, Mycology, Parasitology)


iii. Department of Physiology

M.Sc.; M.Phil/Ph.D.; Ph.D. Physiology (with specialization in Cardiovascular

Physiology; Endocrinology and Metabolism; Membrane Physiology; Neurophysiology).


  1. iv. Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics

M.Sc.; Ph.D. Pharmacology


  2. Department of Epidemiology and Community Health

Master of Community Health (M.Comm.H.); (with specialization in Tropical Public Health, Epidemiology and Community Health, Occupational Health, Environmental Health, Health Management and Health Education).


Master in Public Health (MPH) (with specialization in Tropical Public Health, Epidemiology and Community Health, Occupational Health, Environmental Health, Health Management, Health Education).

Ph.D. Public Health (with specialization in Epidemiology, Health Management). ii.  Department of Paediatrics and Child Health

M.Sc. Tropical Paediatrics

Ph.D. Tropical Paediatrics


  2. Department of Computer Science

Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science (PGDCS).


  1. Department of Library and Information Science Master in Library and Information Science (MLIS) Ph.D. Library and Information Science


iii. Department of Mass Communication

M.Sc.; Ph.D. Mass Communication (with specialization in Print Journalism, Broadcast

Journalism and Public Relation & Advertising).



  2. Department of Educational Technology

Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Technology (PGDET).

M.Ed.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D.; Educational Technology (with specialization in Assistive

Technology, Distance Education, E- Learning and Instructional Technology).


  1. Department of Health Promotion and Environmental Health Education

M.Ed.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Health Education ( with specialization in Primary Health Care, Reproductive and Family Health, Drug Education, Safety Health Education, Nutritional Education, and Community Health Education).


M.Ed. Public Health Education (M.PHE) (with specialization in Drug Education, Primary Health care, Community Health Education, Reproductive and Family Health, Safety Health Education).


  1. Department of Human Kinetic Education

M.Sc. (Ed.); M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D.; Human Kinetics (with specialization in Administration and Management of Human Kinetics Education and Sports, Sports Exercise and Sport Science, Recreation and Tourism).


  1. Department of Science Education

M.Ed.; Science Education (with specialization in Physics);

M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Curriculum Development in Science Education, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics Education.


iii. Department of Social Sciences Education M.Ed., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. Social Studies Education M.Ed., M.Phil./Ph.D., Ph.D. Curriculum Development M.Ed., M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Educational Psychology M.Ed., M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Sociology of Education


  1. Department of Arts Education M.Ed. History & Policy of Education M.Ed. Philosophy of Education


vii. Department of Counsellor Education

M.Ed.; Ph.D.; Educational Guidance and Counselling


viii. Department of Educational Management

M.Ed. Educational Management


  2. Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

M.Eng.; Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (with specialization in Soil and Water Conservation, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering; Farm Power and Machinery Engineering).


M.Phil./Ph.D. Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (with specialization in Farm

Power and Machinery Engineering, Soil and Water conservation).


Ph.D. Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (Soil and Water Conservation, Irrigation and Drainage, Agro-Production & Food Engineering).


  1. Department of Chemical Engineering

M.Eng.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Chemical Engineering (with specialization in Polymer Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Process Engineering).


iii. Department of Civil Engineering

M.Sc. Integrated Water Resources Management




  1. Department of Mechanical Engineering

M.Eng. Mechanical Engineering (with specialization in    Production Engineering, Thermofluids Engineering, Materials and Metallurgical Engineering).


Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering (Production Engineering; Thermofluids Engineering, Material and Metallurgical Engineering)


  2. Department of Architecture

M.Sc. (Arch) Masters of Architecture


  2. Department of Common Law

LL.M; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Common Law.


ii   Department of Islamic Law

LL.M; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Islamic Law.


  2. Department of Biochemistry

M.Sc. Biochemistry.

Ph.D. Biochemistry (with specialization in Enzymology, Nutritional Biochemistry, Biochemical Toxicology, Parasite Biochemistry, Membrane Biochemistry, Environmental Biochemistry, Clinical Biochemistry Reproductive Biochemistry and Invertebrate Biochemistry).


  1. Department of Microbiology

M.Sc.; M.Phil./Ph.D.;. Ph.D. Microbiology (with specialization in Industrial Microbiology; Environmental Microbiology; Medical & Veterinary Microbiology Microbial Physiology).


iii  Department of Plant Biology

PGD; M.Sc., M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Plant Biology (with specialization in Plant Anatomy and Wood Technology, Plant Taxonomy, Lower Plants, Environmental Botany, Biosystematics and Cytogenetics, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry.


  1. iv. Department of Zoology

M.Sc. Zoology (with specialization in Cell Biology and Animal Genetics, Entomology, Fisheries and Hydrobiology, Parasitology).


Ph.D.  Zoology  (with  specialization  in  Entomology,  Fisheries  and  Hydrobiolgy  and



  2. Department of Business Administration

M.Sc.; M.Phil/Ph.D.; Ph.D. Business Administration (with specialization in General Management, Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, Operation Management).


  2. Department of Mathematics

M.Sc., M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Mathematics (with specialization in Optimization; Fluid Mechanics; Analytical Dynamics; Numerical Analysis; Complex Analysis; Mathematical Modeling;).


  1. Department of Chemistry

Postgraduate Diploma in Chemistry.

M.Sc; Chemistry (with specialization in Physical/Inorganic; Organic; Analytical/ Environmental).


M.Phil/Ph.D. Chemistry (with specialization in Physical; Inorganic, Analytical/ Environmental, Organic).


Ph. D. Chemistry (with specialization in Physical, Inorganic, Analytical/Environmental, Organic).


iii. Department of Industrial Chemistry

M.Sc.; M.Phil./Ph.D. and Ph.D. Industrial Chemistry (with specialization in Analytical / Environmental Chemistry, Food and Nutrition Chemistry, Medicinal / Natural Product Chemistry, Applied Physical/Petroleum Chemistry, Applied Inorganic Chemistry, Material Chemistry).


  1. iv. Department of Physics

M.Sc.; Ph.D. Physics (with specialization in Solar Radiation and Atmospheric Physics,

Ionospheric and Communication Physics, Theoretical and Mathematical Physics).


  1. v. Department of Statistics

Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics (PGDS) (with specialization in Design of Exponent, Sample Survey, Biostatistics, Quality Control, Categorical Data Analysis).


M.Sc.; Statistics (with specialization in Statistical Quality Control, Biostatistics, Sample Survey and Demography, Multivariate Analysis, Econometrics, Mathematical Statistics, Experimental Design).

M.Phil./Ph.D.;.  Ph.D.  (with  specialization  in  Quality  Control,  Biostatistics,  Sample

Survey and Demography, Survival Analysis).


  1. Department of Geology and Mineral Sciences

Postgraduate Diploma Geology (with specialization in Petroleum Geology/ Sedimentology, Engineering Geology, Hydrogeology, Solid Minerals Exploration and Mining, Applied Geophysic).


M.Sc.; M.Phil./Ph.D.; Ph.D. Geology (with specialization in Petroleum Geology, Sedimentology, Engineering Geology, Hydrogeology, Solid Minerals Exploration and Mining, Applied Geophysics).


  2. Department of Economics

M.Sc.; Ph.D. Economics (with specialization in Development Economics, Health Economics, International Trade and Finance, Monetary Economics, Public Finance and Transportation Economics).


  1. Department of Political Science

M.Sc.;  Ph.D.  Political  Science  (with  specialization  in  Comparative  Politics  and

International Relations).


iii. Department of Sociology

M.Sc.; Sociology (with specialization in Industrial Sociology; Criminology; Medical



  1. iv. Department of Geography and Environmental Management

M.Sc.; M.Phil./Ph.D. Geography and Environmental Management (with specializations in Climatology, Geomorphology, Biogeography, Hydrology and Water Resources, Social Geography, Remote Sensing, Regional Development, Population Geography, Urban Geography, Rural Geography, Settlement Geography, Transport Geography, Housing Studies, Agricultural Geography, Medical Geography, Gender Studies, Tourism and Recreation, Resource Management).

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