ASUU STRIKE: Do not attend classes, stay away from the University Campus - ASUU cautions Union members

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The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) Ambrose Alli University (AAU), Ekpoma, chapter has ordered its members to stay away from the University's campuses, reports.


This was contained in a memo that was released and signed by the Union Chairperson, AAU chapter, Dr. Cyril Onogbosele.

The memo reads thus;


Comrades, thank you for sustaining the ongoing national strike of the Union. The Union is aware of the latest strategy by the University Administration and saboteurs to deceive and confuse members of the Union about "suspension" of trade Union activities in the University and its implications.

Having failed in the use of several malevolent strategies to break the ongoing strike, they have chosen the use of toxic advice and wrong interpretation of relevant Laws to sway members of the Union about the need to resume work. Do not listen to them.

In Nigeria, trade unions are created by an Act of the National Assembly. Therefore, it is unconstitutional, illegal, null and void for a state authority to proscribe any trade union or suspend its activities. In addition, the ongoing strike is a national one. Can a state government stop it? If the University Administration and its agents strongly believe in compliance with directives of the State Government, why is the University Administration yet to comply with the directive (dated 8 June 2022) that it should pay all outstanding salaries of staff in the University immediately? The University Administration and its agents have no moral fibre, competence and justification to advise or direct us on what to do with the "suspension" matter. The case is in the law court. Let the University Administration also go to the court and tell the court that we rejected the suspension, and also wait for the outcome.

The Special Intervention Powers (Provisions) Law 2021 is a mere amendment of a section of the University Law and not a replacement or an abrogation of the entire law. This is also being used to deceive people and make SIT omnipotent. In the University's Regulation, when 30 days Pre-action Notice is issued to the University by staff on any  legal matter, the University is prohibited from doing anything that will harm or adversely affect the staff. When there is a breach by the University in this regard, it will be redressed by the law court. There is Pre-action Notice  by ASUU, AAU, Ekpoma to the University over the "suspension" matter. We are watching!

Office-holders (Deans, Directors, HoDs, etc.) and other staff who are members of the Union should continue to STAY AWAY from the University's campus, sustain withdrawal of their statutory duties and ignore the obnoxious directives by the University Administration to scuttle the ongoing strike and subject members of the Union to perpetual impoverishment and slavery. Do not issue memoranda to our members in your jurisdiction in compliance with the University Administration's directives meant to encumber and break the ongoing strike. Please continue to abide by the resolutions and directives of the Union on the ongoing strike.

Comrades, as academics and intellectuals, we should not allow anybody deceive, threaten, cow or enslave us. Remain steadfast in the struggle for our rights and the revitalisation of public universities. A comprehensive Press release on the matter in discourse is underway. Thank you!

Dr. Cyril Oziegbe Onogbosele
Chairperson, ASUU, AAU, Ekpoma


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