Jamb Subject Combination for Mathematics

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This is jamb subject combination for mathematics. Candidates who are aspiring to study mathematics in the higher institution in this coming session should see the subject combination here.

Mathematics is studied under faculty of science in almost one hundred and seven (107) universities in Nigeria. Some universities address it as mathematics and statistics however it is called; it is synonymous to each other. This article also brings to your notice the easiest way to pass jamb this year.

Jamb Subject Combination for Mathematics

Jamb Subject Combination for Mathematics

The jamb subject for mathematics is given with the status of each subject. They are;

  • English Language; Compulsory  
  • Mathematics; Compulsory
  • Any two (2) of Physics, Chemistry and Economics or Geography.  

Ways To Making Better Jamb Result

This part brings you information on how to make a better jamb result this year. If you are one of the Candidates who have taken part in jamb Utme examinations before and could not gain admission, you will agree with us that poor result is one of the major hindrances of jamb candidates from being admitted for the particular year.

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If you will be taking part in this exam for the first time, we believe you would not want to be a regular customer to jamb for this reason; we bring you useful information on how you can make your result better this year for possibility of admission. There are certain steps you need to take they are outlined as follows;

  • First of all you must go for your field. If you were not very friendly with science subjects in secondary school, please do not go for sciences to avoid disappointment. Go for your area of influence it mist not sciences. It could be arts or commercial.
  • Register for classes at jamb preparatory center to be taught. Ensure that you follow the instructors keenly on the exercises they ask you to do in class or at home.
  • An alternative to jamb preparatory class is the past question. This is affordable at least to those who cannot afford the jamb class or may not have enough time to attend the classes.
  • Take time to study. Do not relegate any subject and give too much credence to the other. You should know that all subjects are important, and as such studies should be done equally on all.
  • For first timers, ensure that you acquire CBT training on the rudiments of the exams, to avoid unnecessary fumbling during the exams. 
  • Locate the exams venue on time and try to arrive there early on the day of the exams
  • Pray and entrust yourself and the exams into the Hand of God
  • Avoid all forms of malpractices and bad behaviors in the exam hall.

After doing these things, you will be amazed to see how well you will do during the examination.

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