JAMB CAPS 2021/2022: How to ACCEPT or REJECT Admission Offer

What UTME and Direct Entry means? A quick refresher:

UTME stands for Undergraduate Tertiary Matriculation Examination, which evaluates a person’s knowledge in Mathematics, English language and relevant subjects for admission. These are the same three tests administered by JAMB during their Secondary School Certificate Examinations (SSCE).

Direct Entry is where you’re admitted straight into a particular course of study without undergoing National Youth Service Corps or any form of the screening exam. Some courses may not have this option so it pays off to do your research beforehand! Regardless if you go to post-secondary education through CAPS or via direct entry process, remember there are always pathways to success!

For 2020/2021, JAMB is implementing a new CAPS system that requires all admissions to be made online. All candidates should visit the JAMB website or download an app for their mobile device and log in with your School ID number to check whether you have been admitted into any university of college so far.

This new system will make it easier for you to search and apply to your desired college or university. Now, instead of waiting hours in line at a particular institution’s booth, prospective students can be matched with their top choice universities through the JAMB CAPS Admissions Process online portal. Moreover, this process is able to empower individuals by enabling them with information about available choices within different tertiary institutions as well as which programs they are eligible for based on qualifications such as age or state residency status!

Combine all these great benefits with easily retrievable data from which one can make decisions or research what is happening in education now- there’s no turning back!

When JAMB is ready with your results, you will be notified by email which contains the link to access your result in a secure mode. You can either accept or reject the admission offer from institutions of choice after checking and verifying if your JAMB CAPS 2020/2021 result is accurate.


– You are not obliged to accept admission offers from more than one institution, but you can only reject an offer if it’s longer than a week ‍after you’ve gotten your JAMB CAPS 2020/2021 result.

– You are not obliged to accept an admission offer that is lower than the course you applied for ‍OR a higher fee structure, even if it’s from your dream school.


– You can either accept or reject the admission offer from institutions of choice after checking and verifying if your JAMB CAPS 2020/2021 result is correct.

Ways to ACCEPT or REJECT Admission on JAMB CAPS Using PC

The JAMB E-facility portal is the safe, secure way to check admission status and complete requests for your examination year. You can access it at https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility/. Simply log in using a valid email address and password from any available computer with an Internet connection (mobile data may also work). Once logged into the system, locate ‘Check Admission Status’ under Admissions Services on the left panel of page; here you will need to enter your registration number before selecting the Search button below this column, which will automatically load up all relevant information regarding acceptance or rejection of offer letter as well as other blanks pertaining to university requirements such as name change where applicable.

Ways to ACCEPT or REJECT Admission on JAMB CAPS Using Mobile Device

If you are using a phone, it is recommended that the Chrome browser be used in order to get your Admission Status on CAPS. The option will not show up for most users due to how phones operate and this can also cause confusion when navigating with only one hand – which may seem difficult if you don’t know what’s going on! It might seem impossible at first glance, but all we need is two taps of our fingers: 1) touch chrome icon 2) choose Request Desktop site.

You will be redirected to the desktop version of the JAMB CAPS site, from which you can use your mouse or touchpad to click on “I have done so” and Request for a New Password. This is where you’ll get your Admission Status in CAPS if it’s been generated yet! If not, just wait for a few minutes.

If you’ve been redirected to the desktop site and your password has not yet generated, it is highly advisable that you change your JAMB CAPS Password before proceeding so as to avoid any unauthorized access of your admission status in CAPS. After typing in a new password twice, click on “I have done so”. That’s it you’re done!

The desktop version of JAMB CAPS will generate your password and let you log in to the system. You can now enjoy being able to check on Admission Status or even request for a new one using an internet connection from anywhere at anytime with just two taps of our fingers.

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