Kwara Poly School Fees 2021/2022: Old Students & Freshers

What is Kwara Poly Schools Fees in 2021? Here is detailed hands-on information on the school fees of Kwara Polytechnic for the 2021/2020 academic session.

We decided to give some of our readers the current information about what they should expect on matters on Tuition fees for Kwara Poly School Fees 2021/2020.

We have written the tuition guide to cover for both freshers; that is students who are just getting into the institution newly and as well for old students who are returning for a continuous session of their academic programme.

So, pay attention!.

Kwara Polytechnic School Fees 2021/2020 

Kwara State Polytechnic  School fees For Indigenes and non-indigenes Students

The tuition expectation by the management of the school for aboriginal and non-indigenous students of the school is not in any way the same. We have made a list below to give you further clues:

National Diploma (ND) Tuition


Indigene Non-indigene

ND 1 Full Time

N50,000 N70,000

ND 2 Full Time

N38,000 N53,000

ND 1 Part-Time

N51,000 N69,500

ND 2 Year II Part-Time

N39,000 N53,800

ND 2 Year III Part-Time

N34,000 N39,000


Higher National Diploma (HND)


Indigene Non-indigene

HND 1 Full Time

N55,500 N75,500

HND 2 Full Time

N43,000 N58,500

HND 1 Part-Time

N52,000 N71,500

HND 2 Year II Part-Time

N38,000 N55,000

HND 2 Year III Part-Time

N36,200 N47,000

Kwara Poly Acceptance Fee

The acceptance fee for Kwara Poly is just 7,500 Naira

Other information

A student contact, a student ID and a temporary password are given to successfully admitted candidates.

Sign in with the user I d and the temporarily issued password to the user field.

Click on the “make payment” button on the left menu when the registration has been completed, and then press the acceptance tab to pay the approval fee.

Once you pay the approval fee effectively, a connection is provided to print the document of acceptance of the Kwara Poly.

If you have passed the Kwara poly test you will get an e-Mail notifying you of the validation of your credentials.

However, if the screening test fails, what to do is advised.

Please have it in mid that failing to pay a fee for acceptance after a week will result in admission deprivation.

The date starts when you got admission to Kwara Poly’s portal.

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