Obafemi Awolowo University School Fees in 2021/2022

Obafemi Awolowo University School Fees

Are you a new student of OAU or an aspiring student? The common information that most new and prospective student of this school ask is about the school fees and the acceptance fees.

Therefore In this post, we will be discussing important things you need to know about OAU’s school fees and acceptance fees both for new students and returning students.

If you are a new student in OAU, you will be required to pay acceptance fees. An acceptance fee Is the first money you pay even before your school fees. The payment of your acceptance fee signifies that you have accepted the admission given to you by the school and that you are willing to study the course given to you by the school.

The acceptance fee which is usually paid by the first-year student is $20,000.

Now the school fees for fresh students in the faculty of law, Arts, social sciences, Administration is N43,700 per session

For students in the faculties of science, educational management, educational science technology and agriculture their school fee is 54,500.

For the faculty of medicine, Pharmacy, and health science, the school fee is N57,700 per session.

New students are also required to pay a development levy of 18,000. This levy is meant to be paid just once throughout the student study years.

The new student will also pay for a tertiary institution health insurance program: the fee for this is 2000. lastly, new students will have to pay for their accommodation, the fee for this is N3,090.

Now, let’s take a look at the school fees for returning students of Obafemi Awolowo University.
The school fees for returning students for the faculties of law, social sciences, Administration, and educational arts is 20100 per session and the same fee applies for extra semester during rain or harmattan

For returning students in the faculties of science, educational science technology and agriculture, the school fees is 28100

The school fees for the faculties of basic medical Sciences, clinical Sciences dentistry and Pharmacy is 31,000 naira per session.

Meanwhile, registration for classes cost 2000 naira.

Cost of Accommodation for returning students is 2590 naira

Returning students for the faculty of administration, diploma in local government studies are required to pay 55,300.

Same students who attend extra semester are required to pay 54,050⁴

Lastly, they will be charged 2000 for tertiary institution student health insurance program.

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