Top 10 Most Expensive Universities In Nigeria 2021/2022

As students across the world prepare to embark on their tertiary education, some are faced with a tough decision. Which university should they attend? With so many options out there, it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of the top 10 most expensive private universities in Nigeria!

10. Lead City University, Ibadan

The Lead City University, founded in 2005 and is situated on the outskirts of Ibadan, Nigeria’s second-largest city. The university has two campuses: one located in Ibadan and another in Lagos. The lead City offers undergraduate degrees as well as Master’s programs that can be completed entirely online or at its residential campus – whichever suits you the best.

The Lead City University is a private university that offers undergraduate degrees, postgraduate diplomas and Master’s program in various fields of study such as engineering, information technology, business administration and law. The tuition rates range from ₦625,000 depending on the academic program you choose to pursue with Lead City University.

9. Babcock University, Ogun State

Babcock University was established in January 1999. The university has been certified by the National Universities Commission (NUC) to award a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees since 2000. As of 2017, Babcock is ranked as one of Nigeria’s top universities with over 20,000 students on its campus located in Ogun State.

The university offers undergraduate programs in various fields of study such as engineering, law and business administration to mention a few. Students can pursue a postgraduate program in these same faculties or choose from other options such as nursing, education, mass communication and information technology among others. The tuition rates also range depending on which program you want to pursue ranging from N650,000.00 to ₦780,000 per annum for undergraduate and postgraduate program respectively.

8. Bowen University, Ogun State

Bowen University is one of Nigeria’s top private universities. The university has an undergraduate enrollment of over 20,000 students in three faculties – Engineering and Technology, Education, and Business Administration. Bowen offers a wide range of courses from engineering to business administration with the tuition fee ranging from N950,000.00 per annum for the undergraduate program to ₦1,000,000 per annum for postgraduate courses.

The university was established in 2003 and is affiliated with the University of Ibadan.

7. Covenant University, Ogun State

Established on 21 October 2002, Covenant University currently offers programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The university has over four thousand students on campus with an intake of about eight hundred every year. It is ranked as one of the top twenty universities out of the three Nigerian private universities that were listed by Webometrics Ranking World Universities in 2016.

6. Benson Idahosa University, Benin City


Benson Idahosa University, Benin City is a Nigerian private university located in the city of Benin. The institution was named after Dr. Benson Idahosa, who founded it with his wife to offer high-quality Christian education for students from Nigeria and all over Africa. It has three campuses: Ikenne Campus (situated in Ikenne), Edo State, Ogba Campus (situated in Benin City) and Uselu Campus.

The university was established on October 17th, 1999 by the Benson Idahosa Foundation with its first campus opening at Ikenne-Edo state. Benson idahosa tuition fees is about 1.5 million naira per year.


5. Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti

The university is named in honour of Afe Babalola, who donated a substantial amount towards the establishment of its foundation stone. The school has an undergraduate enrollment capacity for about 12,000 students at any given time to study courses offered by the various schools that are affiliated with it.

it was established in 2009.

it has two campuses, the main campus in Ado-Ekiti and a secondary hilltop site about 12 kilometres away at Ipetu Ijesha for practical fieldwork mainly in Agriculture Technology, Animal Resources Management Technology and Forestry (The University of Afe Babalola website).

Afe Babalola tuition fees is about 1.8 million naira per year.


4. American University Of Nigeria, Adamawa State

The American University of Nigeria is a private research institution that was established in 2005. It has an undergraduate enrollment capacity for about 3000 students at any given time to study courses offered by the various schools that are affiliated with it. The school’s location lies within Yola Township on a large tract of land that is about five kilometres away from the city center.

The school’s total student population stands at just over 3000 students to include those on campus, off-campus and evening classes with a learning approach that fosters active student participation in academic pursuits through meaningful dialogue among faculty, students and staff.

This university tuition fee is very expensive for Nigerian students who are ready to study law, medicine and other fields of science. American University of Nigeria tuition fees is about 1.8 million naira per year.

3. Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos

The university is a private and international institution of higher learning located in Lagos, Nigeria. The school focuses on teaching undergraduate degrees in the sciences, engineering, humanities and social sciences as well as developing programs for continuing education both nationally and internationally.

In addition to its national security programs at the School of Security Studies, The university has international programs in partnership with other institutions of higher learning.

Their tuition fees for undergraduate courses is about N2.5 million naira per year and they offer the best services to their students.

2. Baze University, Abuja

Baze University is a health-focused private university in Nigeria. Founded by the Nigerian Baptist Convention, Baze University trains students to become physicians and other healthcare professionals who will serve their communities with excellence and compassion.

The school offers undergraduate degrees in medicine, biochemistry, nursing science and environmental health as well as graduate degrees such as a doctor of nursing science and a master’s degree in public health.

Tuition fees for undergraduate courses range from N3 million -N3.5 million per year.

1. Nile University, Abuja

The university has been ranked as one of the best private universities in Nigeria.

It offers courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels to students from various diverse backgrounds, including those who are not Nigerian citizens.

Nile University is supported by a number of well established international partners such as Chunghwa Telecom Group Company Limited (Taiwan), Caterpillar Inc. (US), and TATA Consultancy Services Limited (India).

Under the leadership of Dr Oladele Ajayi, who is a renowned public health professional in Nigeria, Nile University offers undergraduate degrees in medicine, biochemistry, nursing science and environmental health as well as graduate degrees in Medicine, Biochemistry and Environmental Health.

Nile University tuition fee ranges from (5million to – 6million naira) per year.

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