UI Distance Learning: Facts you need to Know 2021

UI Distance Learning

The most common method of learning often requires one to be physically present (face to face) with the teacher. However, people want to acquire knowledge every day, but if the centre of learning is far away, distance barrier becomes a problem for the student who wants to acquire knowledge.

Nowadays, this barrier has been somewhat removed since the creation, and provision of online media platforms that allows people to be aware of happenings as long as they are online. These online platforms allows people who are far away to be present in a class or knowledge acquisition centre in a virtual manner – on screen.

In Nigeria, not all universities have the facilities to operate an open/distance system of learning. So far, only 12 Universities have been given the license to operate the open system of learning. The University Of Ibadan (UI) is one of such universities that is equipped with the facilities to use the distance learning system.

In this article, we will be checking out ten interesting facts about UI’s distance learning programme. This is a must read for students planning to enrol into the learning programme.

Number of programmes offered — UI Distance Learning Centre (UIDLC) currently offers enrolment into six academic programmes, namely; B.A. English, B.A. philosophy and Public Affairs, B.Sc. psychology, B.Sc. Economics, B.Sc. Political Science, and B.SW. Social Work. However, efforts are being taken to add new programmes, and revalidate old programmes.

UI’s distance learning is asynchronous — unlike the regular learning pattern of most online classes, the UI distance learning is asynchronous, enabling students to learn at their own schedule, rather than having a specific time to learn or attend classes. This really is a huge benefit for distance learners, being able to attend lectures without need to be in the four walls of the university is one thing, adding the ability to learn at your convenience takes the comfortable learning to a new level.

Value of certificate degree is the same with full-time students — the common stigma to having an online education is completely eliminated as certificate given to candidates who takes the full-time learning programme is exactly the same as that given to distance learning candidates. This is a huge development because, both candidates gets the same level of job opportunities after graduation.

Use of same level of lecturers — academic activities in the UIDLC is handled by the same level lecturers who oversees that of full-time candidates at all levels. This clearly justifies receiving the same certificate as full-time students.

Candidates/students can use the main University’s library — students on the UI distance learning programme are given full access to the university’s main library. You can register at the reception of the library with your passport, and proof that you are a UI distance learner.

Access to health facilities — Distance leaners can also have access to health facilities in the university. This is after registration at the health centre of course. This further shows that UI distance learners are given same level of priority as full-time students.

When you need to be in school — students are required to be present in school for a period of 6-8 weeks (except weekends) for interactive revision sessions, and examination. This is the only time distance learning candidates need to be on campus.

Suspension of studies — students on the UI distance learning programme can suspend their studies if they are unable to attend revision sessions and/or examinations due to circumstances beyond their control (for genuine reasons). Application for suspension attracts a fee, and a student can apply for suspension for a maximum of two sessions throughout his/he learning programme. Please note deferment of admission is not allowed.

Applicants/Students must be computer literate — all students must show evidence of computer literacy at the end of second year of study, and computer literacy is a prerequisite for graduation in UI distance learning programme. Moreover, for learning process to be easy and progressive, it is important that students are computer literate.

Students should have access to a laptop or desktop computer — well this is a no-brainer. Having access to a computer throughout the course of your programme will help a lot. If you are unable to secure a PC, you can share with a colleague, or visit a cybercafé regularly. The most importing however is you must be a computer literate.


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