Uniben Cut Off Mark For 2021

After the JAMB policy meeting which was held a lot of searches has been going on around cut off mark and the students of University of Benin well known as UNIBEN has had their own share of questions.
However in this post we will take you through the university of Benin cut off marks as well as clear all the misconceptions and misinterpretations associated with the cut off marks for both JAMB and POST UTME.

The JAMB policy meeting saw JAMB peg the cut off marks for degree awarding institutions to be 160 while polytechnics and colleges of education at 140 and 100 respectively. After this meeting lot of students, especially the university students have misinterpreted the cut off mark regulation thinking that the cut off mark for all universities is now 160.


When JAMB said the cut off mark for all degree awarding institutions is 160, what the board meant is that all universities, all degree awarding institutions should peg their cut off to at least 160 that is, the least that any degree awarding institution can accept as cut off mark is 160, they cannot go below that, they can go above but the minimum they can accept is 160, another explanation for this is that the school is allowed to accept students with higher scores but not allowed to take in students with scores less than 160.

Therefore, sany degree awarding institution in Nigeria cannot go below 160.


The University of Benin cut off mark for JAMB is 200 which means that as a studynt the least score you can get from JAMB to qualify for POST UTME in UNIBEN is 200, if you get any score below 200 you may not be considered for UNIBEN POST UTME.


The total mark for UNIBEN post utme is 100, note that there is no minimum cut off mark for POST UTME in UNIBEN. What the university of Benin uses as admission criteria is the POST UTME aggregate score.
Now you may be wondering already how is UNIBEN aggregate score been calculated, the calculation is quite easy.

UNIBEN aggregate score is often gotten from the combination of your jamb score and your POST UTME score.

Many times several students get their desired aggregate score even after they did not do well in Jamb, some of them score just a little above 200 and they still get their desired course: this is because of their good performance in POST UTME.

Now to calculate your aggregate score is very easy like I mentioned earlier.

Lets take for instance, if you score 400 in JAMB, and you score 80 in POST UTME to calculate your aggregate score, simply divide 400 by 8, that will give you 50 right? Keep that aside.

Now divide your POST UTME score by 2 that is 80/2 which equals 40.

So your aggregate score is the addition of the 50 you first got and the 40 we just got from the previous calculation: 50+40 equals 90.

So 90 is your aggregate score.
Meanwhile if you get up to 50 in your POST UTME you are likely to get a related course and not the main course you chose.

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