University Of Lagos Distance Learning Institute Fees 2021/2022

The creation of distance education coincided with the establishment in 1962 of the university itself. It is recalled that at the beginning and as reported in the Ashby Commission, part of the primary objective of the University was: to provide facilities for part-time studies in fields such as business studies, accounting, law, and education through correspondence and distance learning techniques.

This led to the Distance Learning Institute (DLI) invention, although it had previously passed through numerous cognomens. A Unit, the Correspondence and Open Studies Unit (COSU), was developed in 1973 to realize this aim.

The Senate of the University carried out some reform and streamlining in the general modus operandi of the Institute in 1997, thus reaffirming the enhanced status and autonomy of COSIT, consistent with global developments in Open Studies and, in particular, the distance learning mode of research.

Among other items, the various changes outlined above were aimed at achieving the requisite streamlining and restructuring to achieve the pure distance learning mode of education delivery in all its implications.

Therefore, the name COSIT had to be changed to DLI according to these different reform steps and to reflect the Distance Learning concept (The Distance learning Institute).

DLI has its own Board of Directors and its own Academic Board, since it now has an enhanced status as a University College, and is empowered to formulate its own policies, hire its own personnel, and be accountable for academic programs, exams, and supervise its daily affairs and raise funds for its operating costs.


Status of Eligibility

Before you can apply for any DLI program, there are certain conditions that you must have. Below, the parameters are discussed:


  1. Before you can stand a chance of gaining admission to the UNILAG Distance Learning Institute, you must be 21 years old or older.
  2. An eligible NECO/ WAEC/ GCE outcome is mandated for you. As used in this sense, Eligible means that a five credit passes in all major or course-related subjects are included in your outcome. You can mix the findings equally, but there must not be more than two sessions.
  3. It is compulsory that you have an Upper Credit HND to stand a chance as a Direct Entry applicant.
  4. You must have a birth certificate, a testimonial for secondary scholarships, a WAEC certificate, and two photos.
  5. If you seek to be accepted into UNILAG DLI programs, you must pass the institution’s entrance test. The test mostly takes place in March and April of each year. However, due to the Coronavirus outbreak that has affected all tertiary institutions globally, this year’s entrance exam and the sale of the UNILAG DLI form may be pushed to a new month.
  6. Since all tasks and group work are completed and submitted online, you need a decent Internet connection and a laptop.




  • English: N120, 000


  • Bachelors in Banking and Finance (2 Sessions): N150,000
  • Masters in Business Administration |2 Sessions: N450,000. This excludes departmental dues: N3000
  • Bachelors in Industrial and Labor Relations (MILR) |2 Sessions|N112, 500
  • Bachelors in Industrial and Labor Relations (IRPM) – N112, 000 PER SESSION
  • Bachelors in Development Finance – N600, 000. The first instalment is N330, 000.
  • Bachelors in Risk Management and Insurance (MRM) – N200, 000


  • Bachelors in Public Health| Community Health|2 Sessions|N150,000; excluding departmental dues between N15, 000 – N20, 000
  • Masters In Public Health – 2 sessions – N150, 000


  • Ed Educational Administration & Planning |Educational Administration|3 Semesters|N150,000
  • Ed Comparative Education |Educational foundations|4 Semesters|N150,000.00
  • Ed Measurement and Evaluation |Educational foundations|4 Semesters|N150,000
  • Ed, Sociology |Educational foundations|4 Semesters|N60, 000.00
  • PGD Guidance and counselling – N150, 000
  • PGD Education M.Ed. Sandwich – N70, 000
  • Ed Education Sandwich – N70, 000



  • Bachelors in Project Management |Building| 2 Sessions |N150,000.00
  • Masters of Facility Management – N150, 000



  • Masters of Process Engineering (MPE)|2 Sessions|N150, 000
  • Chemical Engineering N150, 000
  • PGD Chemical Engineering N150,000
  • PGD MET & MAT Engineering|2 Sessions|N75,000.00



  • Masters Degree in Humanitarian and Refugee Studies|4 Semesters|N90,000
  • Master of Law (LLM)|2 Semesters|N150,000



  • Bachelors in Economics |4 Semesters|N150, 000
  • PhD Economics |3 Semesters|N90, 000
  • Bachelors in Geographic Information Systems| 2 Sessions| N120, 000; Course Materials: N45, 000
  • Bachelors in Transport Management and Planning | 3 Semesters| N120, 000
  • PhD Transport Management and Planning | 2 Semesters| N120, 000
  • Master of Public Administration (MPA) |2 Semesters| N112, 000
  • Master in Managerial Psychology | 4 Semesters| N150, 000



  • Masters in Environmental Management |4 Semesters|N120, 000.00
  • PGD Environmental Management |2 Semesters|N60, 000.00
  • Bachelors in Information Technology |2 Sessions|N225, 000. It excludes Departmental dues: N7, 000
  • PGD Computer Science|3 Semesters|N150, 000
  • PGD Mathematics|3 Semesters|N75, 000.00
  • PGD Statistics |3 Semesters|N75, 000.00
  • Bachelors in GEOSCIENCE -N150, 000


The school fees might be considered expensive by some, but it should be understood that the DLI fees were made for those who are believed to be involved in one occupation or the other so they are expected to be able to pay these fees. If the fees appear too much for you, then it is good you saw this post before preparing for a University that you cannot afford.



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