Imo State University Joins Five Others in Securing €1.8 Million EU Funding

Imo State University joins prestigious Nigerian institutions in receiving €1.8 million EU funding for projects enhancing green and digital skills, marking a significant step towards educational advancement in Nigeria.

Imo State University Joins Five Others in Securing €1.8 Million EU Funding
Imo State University

In a significant development for Nigerian higher education, Imo State University (IMSU) has been named among six institutions set to receive a substantial financial boost of €1.8 million each from the European Union (EU). This funding, channeled through the EU-funded Intra-Africa Mobility Scheme, is designated for projects aimed at nurturing high-level green and digital skills within these academic institutions.

Folosade Boriwo, Director of Press & Public Relations at the Ministry of Education, unveiled this exciting news. The announcement came following an agreement signed by Mrs. Didi Esther Walson-Jack, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, during the esteemed Global Gateway High-Level Event on Education in Brussels, Belgium. The accord secures EU funding to support six Nigerian universities, including IMSU.

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Imo State University's inclusion highlights its commitment to spearheading innovative initiatives in green and digital skill development. Alongside IMSU, the University of Lagos (UNILAG), University of Nigeria Nsukka, University of Port-Harcourt, Ebonyi State University, and the Federal University of Technology will also benefit from this funding injection.

These universities stand as pillars of progress in the educational landscape, embarking on diverse projects funded by the EU. Notable initiatives include the CB4EE and GREEN STEM projects at UNILAG, the CREATE-Green Africa project at the University of Port-Harcourt, and the GENES II and ORPHAN projects at Ebonyi State University. Additionally, the HCE Solutions project at the Federal University of Technology and the University of Nigeria will also receive support.

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"The EU's commitment of €1.8 million to each of these six projects underscores its dedication to fostering learning mobility opportunities for students, trainees, and staff across Africa. With a primary focus on cultivating high-level green and digital skills, these projects represent a crucial step towards advancing education and skill development on the continent," emphasized the statement.

Imo State University's participation in this endeavor signifies its pivotal role in driving educational excellence and innovation within Nigeria and beyond. Through collaborative efforts with other leading institutions, IMSU is poised to contribute significantly to the growth and development of green and digital skill ecosystems.

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In addition to these groundbreaking initiatives, the Global Gateway High-Level Event on Education in Brussels witnessed the launch of the Africa-Europe Youth Academy by EU Commissioner for International Partnership, Commissioner Urpilainen. This academy, a cornerstone of the Youth Action Plan in EU external relations, aims to foster leadership skills and facilitate networks between young people in Africa and Europe through formal and informal learning exchanges.

Furthermore, Nigeria stands to benefit from the regional Team Europe Initiative on Opportunity-Driven Skills and Vocational Education and Training in Africa. This initiative, recently unveiled, seeks to align vocational training programs with employment opportunities generated by Global Gateway investments, thereby empowering individuals and fueling economic growth across the continent.