Lady who Ran to UK for Masters Program Meets Nigerian Lecturers Again: "I Thought I Escaped Them"

Despite hoping to escape Nigerian lecturers, I find myself encountering similar challenges in the UK

Lady who Ran to UK for Masters Program Meets Nigerian Lecturers Again: "I Thought I Escaped Them"
Lady shares experience with Nigerian lecturers in the UK

A TikTok video posted by @maureencee shed light on the unexpected challenges faced by Nigerian students studying abroad. While many students hope to escape the rigor of Nigerian lecturers, some find themselves confronting similar difficulties even in the UK. The comments section of the video was filled with netizens sharing their own experiences of having Nigerian lecturers in foreign countries.

@maureencee, a Nigerian student pursuing her education abroad, expressed her disappointment upon realizing that Nigerian lecturers could still be encountered while seeking higher education in the UK. She had anticipated a fresh start, hoping to leave behind the challenges she faced back in Nigeria. In the video's caption, she lamented, "When you run to the UK for your master's thinking you've escaped Nigerian lecturers."

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Maureencee's caption perfectly encapsulated her disillusionment upon discovering that Nigerian lecturers in the UK could exhibit the same strictness and harshness as those in Nigeria. The TikTok video struck a chord with many viewers, as they flooded the comments section to share their own experiences with Nigerian lecturers in the diaspora.

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Numerous individuals resonated with Maureencee's video, affirming that the challenges associated with Nigerian lecturers could transcend national borders. For instance, @ibikunle03 shared, "Out of the 5 lectures that have taught me in the UK, 3 are Nigerians." Others like @benbyx1 mentioned their luck in escaping them, saying, "Well, I sha escaped because none of them dey my department."

@Kculture pointed out the variability between schools, stating, "It depends on the school ohhhh. I no get any for my department except one that's a tutor." @frankyi simply remarked, "They're everywhere," underscoring the widespread presence of Nigerian lecturers. @chi.oma chimed in, saying, "Ah, I have one in my department," highlighting that these encounters were not uncommon in higher education overseas.