Breaking a 40-Year Jinx: Ibadan-Born UNILORIN First-Class Graduate Shares Inspirational Journey

First Class Graduate Shares His Success Story

Breaking a 40-Year Jinx: Ibadan-Born UNILORIN First-Class Graduate Shares Inspirational Journey
Alamu Azeez, Ibadan-Born First Class Graduate

In an exclusive interview with DAILY INSIDER, Alamu Azeez, affectionately known as Mr. Nigeria, revealed the inspiring story behind becoming the first-ever First-Class graduate in the 40-year history of the University of Ilorin's Department of Political Science.

Alamu, who hails from Ibadan, expressed his gratitude to his mother, the guiding force behind his academic journey after his father's demise 20 years ago. His motivation stemmed from the nurturing environment she provided, which instilled in him a sense of excellence. His passion for Political Science arose from a desire to help humanity by resolving societal issues.

His path to academic success wasn't without challenges. Time management posed a significant hurdle due to his extensive involvement in extracurricular activities. Yet, Alamu managed to strike a balance, believing that real success entails both personal achievement and contributing positively to society. He emphasized the importance of volunteering experiences, urging students to tap into such opportunities for personal growth and preparation for future endeavors.

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Alamu's research project, "Religious Politics in Nigeria’s 2019 Presidential Election," was driven by his patriotism and concern for Nigeria's ethnoreligious diversity. His undergraduate studies at The Polytechnic Ibadan, particularly in Public Administration, greatly impacted his success. The quality of education he received there played a pivotal role in shaping his journey.

Ansarudeen, a religious organization, also played a vital role in Alamu's life. Providing him with mentorship, scholarships, and invaluable experiences, Ansarudeen became an essential part of his personal and academic growth. 

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Looking forward, Alamu plans to pursue a post-graduate course in Public Policy & Development Administration, aiming to contribute solutions to societal challenges. He advised current political science students and aspiring scholars to stay focused on their goals, seize developmental opportunities in university, and remember that society eagerly awaits their potential.

Alamu Azeez's journey stands as a testament to the power of determination, mentorship, and the pursuit of excellence, inspiring future scholars and showcasing the limitless possibilities within the field of Political Science.