Kwara College of Education (T) Lafiagi Sandwich Form 2023/2024

The Centre For Affiliated and Distance Learning Programmes at Kwara State College of Education (Technical), Lafiagi (KWACOETL), cordially invites prospective students to apply for its diverse range of Sandwich Degree Programmes.

Kwara College of Education (T) Lafiagi Sandwich Form 2023/2024

Admission Criteria: Setting the Bar for Excellence

Prospective candidates interested in enrolling in these distinguished programmes must meet specific academic prerequisites. A minimum of five O’Level credits in pertinent subject combinations is required. Moreover, attaining credits in both English and Mathematics is obligatory for all applicants.

In-depth Overview of Offered Degree Programmes

KWACOETL provides an expansive selection of degree courses under various departments, all designed to nurture future professionals in education and related fields. The programmes are as follows:

Department of Adult Education

  1. B.Ed. Adult Education

Department of Educational Management

  1. B.Ed. Educational Management

Department of Guidance and Counselling

  1. B.Ed. Guidance and Counselling

Department of Arts Education

  1. B.A (Ed.) Religious Studies

Department of Science Education

  1. B.Sc (Ed.) Biology
  2. B.Sc (Ed.) Chemistry
  3. B.Sc (Ed.) Integrated Science
  4. B.Sc (Ed.) Physics
  5. B.Sc (Ed.) Mathematics
  6. B.Sc (Ed.) Computer Science

Department of Human Kinetic and Health Education

  1. B.Sc (Ed.) Health Education
  2. B.Sc (Ed.) Human Kinetics

Department of Social Science Education

  1. B.Sc (Ed.) Economics
  2. B.Sc (Ed.) Political Science
  3. B.Sc (Ed.) Social Studies

Department of Vocational and Technical Education

  1. B.Sc (Ed.) Technical Education

The Application Process: How to Get Started

The admission process is conducted entirely online, with applicants able to initiate and complete their applications through the college’s official website. The non-refundable application fee is ‚ā¶10,000, and candidates can apply by visiting

Duration and Format of Programmes

All offered courses operate on a Sandwich basis, commencing every July and concluding in October. Depending on the applicant’s entry qualifications, the programmes run for either four or five years.

Concluding Remarks: Your Future Starts Now

KWACOETL is not merely an institution; it’s a launching pad for future professionals who aspire to make a significant impact in the educational landscape. This is an exceptional opportunity to bolster your academic and professional portfolio. Hence, interested candidates are strongly encouraged to visit the official website ( for more details and to commence the application process.

Don’t delay; your future is a click away.