PolyUnwana SUG Director Ama Ofuru Unveils Exciting Events for Second Semester

Polyunwana's SUG Director highlights the excitement of upcoming second semester events while emphasizing the importance of academic preparation for ND1 students.

PolyUnwana SUG Director Ama Ofuru Unveils Exciting Events for Second Semester
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Polyunwana, renowned for its vibrant campus life, gears up for an exhilarating second semester, promising an array of festivities and academic challenges. Ama Ofuru, the Student Union Government (SUG) Director of Information, has issued a rallying call to students, urging them to balance enjoyment with academic diligence.

"Second semester is always fun! It is always lively more than the first semester!" exclaimed Ofuru, setting the tone for what promises to be a dynamic academic term.

Addressing ND1 students directly, Ofuru emphasized the need to engage their "medulla oblongata" - a humorous nod to the importance of critical thinking amidst the festivities. While events like Rag Day, Gala Night, Old School Day, Cultural Day, and Jeans Day promise to infuse the campus with energy, Ofuru reminds students that the impending examination timetable demands serious preparation.

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"From Rag day to Gala Night to Old School day to Cultural day to Jeans day from there to Departmental Executive's election to Student Union Elections, Wow! I enjoy POLYUNWANA Mostly during the second semester," shared Ofuru, reflecting the excitement that permeates the campus during this time.

However, Ofuru cautioned students not to be blindsided by the allure of these events, as examinations loom on the horizon. "As soon these events draw to an end, EXAMINATION will be knocking at your door with full force," warned Ofuru, stressing the importance of maintaining a balance between enjoyment and academic commitment.

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The message from the SUG Director of Information underscores the university's ethos of holistic development, encouraging students to not only partake in extracurricular activities but also to prioritize their academic pursuits.

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As Polyunwana prepares to embark on another eventful semester, students are reminded that success lies in striking the right balance - embracing the excitement of campus life while staying focused on their academic goals.

With the guidance of Ama Ofuru and the SUG, Polyunwana is poised to witness a semester filled with both celebration and academic excellence.

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