UNIMAID PANS Prepares for World Pharmacist Day with Drug Abuse Campaign

UNIMAID PANS Prepares for World Pharmacist Day with Drug Abuse Campaign

UNIMAID PANS Prepares for World Pharmacist Day with Drug Abuse Campaign

The Pharmaceutical Association of Nigeria Students (PANS) at the University of Maiduguri is gearing up for a meaningful celebration of World Pharmacist Day on September 25th.

In preparation, the association has outlined exciting plans and initiatives, with a primary focus on raising awareness about drug abuse and misuse.

PANS UNIMAID recognizes the vital role pharmacists play in addressing the critical issue of drug abuse and misuse. As part of their World Pharmacist Day celebration, the association is launching a Drug Abuse and Misuse campaign that aims to educate and sensitize the school community and the wider public about the responsible use of medications.

In line with this campaign, PANS UNIMAID has designed exclusive commemorative shirts and face caps. These items serve a dual purpose – they symbolize unity within the pharmacy profession and provide funding for upcoming initiatives. The shirts are available for 2,900 naira each, while the face caps are priced at 1,800 naira.

To facilitate orders and payments, PANS UNIMAID has provided the following bank account details:

Account Name: Ololade Shefiat Ajayi

Account Number: 6173603287

Bank: Fidelity Bank

Phone Number: +234 814 432 1418

Members and well-wishers are encouraged to place their orders promptly to ensure availability. When making payments, individuals are requested to include their name and contact information for order coordination and delivery.

In addition to the clothing items, PANS UNIMAID will soon distribute countdown fliers for World Pharmacist Day. These materials will serve as informative reminders of the approaching celebration.

The association eagerly anticipates the active participation and support of its members and partners to make this year's World Pharmacist Day celebration a resounding success. Together, they aim to make a positive impact on the health and well-being of their community.

For further information and inquiries, please contact:

Shefiat Ololade Ajayi

Lead-Public Health Team (PANS UNIMAID)

Hussaini Yakubu Yakubu

Public Relations Officer (PANS UNIMAID)