REVEALED: Reason Behind the Creation of Maduka University

In the inception of every establishment, the question "WHY?" must be asked. The answer to this clears a lot of questions in the minds of others.

REVEALED: Reason Behind the Creation of Maduka University

The commissioning of Maduka University, Ekwegbe, Enugu state has left many Nigerians with unending questions. After an interview with the Vice-chancellor,  MySchoolNews TV was able to uncover the true reason behind the establishment of this institution.

In the words of the Vice-Chancellor,  Charles Ogbulogo, he disclosed that the university was not a monument for profit making but rather a fulfilment of a covenant, the founder and Chancellor, Samuel Maduka Onyishi had with God. A covenant to affect four sectors of the economy of which he believes the creation of the university achieved them as a whole.

"The Chairman keeps saying it is not for profit making, it is first to give back to the society. He has said it many times over that he didn't come into education as an extension of business but came into education to address four things. When God blessed him, he made a commitment that he was going to impact humanity from the point of Education, Health, Agriculture, and Technology. So,  this University is a cumulative effect of all of those things so this is a receptacle to give charge to all of those things", Ogbulogo revealed.

WATCH: An exclusive interview with Prof. Charles Ogbulogo, the Vice Chancellor of Maduka University

Following this revelation, the one-time Deputy Vice-chancellor of Covenant University added that the university has a mission of raising a new team of students who are passionate about all-around growth and development.

Ogbulogo said, "I have come here to team up with my management we are on a board to set up a new kind of University. The mission is actually to raise a new team of students who are hungry for knowledge who are hungry for service who are hungry for self-reliance and who are hungry to become entrepreneurs, and leaders, rather than just those who flung their certificates. It is a brand-new University. We want to do things differently.

"I am very intentional with my choice of words, as a team, we raise our students as team members just like you came with your team. We are not raising them in a master-servant relationship we are talking about a team that can birth a transformation. I wonder if we have established that kind of team anywhere in Nigeria. There may be such teams elsewhere in the world but in Nigeria, it is a novel phenomenon. I know one or two universities that have toiled with the idea and have even done that because I took part in them. This is my first University that I'm raising from the ground to the point of excellence and I know each of them has their operational modules."

WATCH: An exclusive interview with Prof. Charles Ogbulogo, the Vice Chancellor of Maduka University

Further, Maduka University seeks to bridge the gap between entrepreneurial and technological education and awareness in the country. The Vice-Chancellor revealed that the university's unique selling point is a blend of entrepreneurship and technological knowledge. Stating that the institution is partnering and trying to model what obtains in some parts of Europe where people have a deep blend of what the classroom offers and what industry offers. To achieve this course, the university has kicked off with various courses like entrepreneurship and wealth creation to be offered throughout your year of study in the university. Ogbulogo also boasts of the institution's Entrepreneurship Centre as well as what it provides.

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"We have a centre for entrepreneurship. It is one of the biggest in the country. So we understand that entrepreneurship is a spirit because an entrepreneur in the French origin is a person who is willing to take a risk, who is an undertaker of a project. It is not necessarily what one has studied. The course one has studied is like a fruit because the fruit exists to attract insects and attract people to buy because of the aroma, the size, the shape, and the colour, but the real thing is a seed because from one seed you can have a forest. What we do here is to create a sense of the forest in their mindset. We are generating that entrepreneurial mindset, the course you studied is just a figment but the real substance is a seed", he emphasized.

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Similarly, Ogbulogo disclosed to MySchoolNews TV, that the university serves as a nexus for development across the eastern states and its environs. "Ekwegbe community has been existing but Agu Ekwegbe has been a massive piece of land that may not have been tapped for a long while. And with the road crossing here, we saw it as a nexus for development across Kogi State, Benue State, Anambra State, Imo State, Abia State, Enugu State and Beyond. It is a trigger for development. When I read the environmental impact assessments I saw the trigger and said yes! We got it right so the coordinates are amazing for us and you'll be surprised it has opened up this part of the world for greater things to happen", he affirmed.