Drama as UNN 100L Class Rep Disappears with 700k Textbook Funds

University of Nigeria Enugu Campus's 100-level class rep, Livinus Chikwado, accused of embezzling ₦700k+ textbook funds, disappears amidst campus uproar.

Drama as UNN 100L Class Rep Disappears with 700k Textbook Funds
Livinus Chikwado a UNN student

In a shocking turn of events at the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus (UNEC), the 100-level class representative, Livinus Chikwado, widely known as "Protection," has disappeared amidst allegations of embezzling over ₦700,000 in textbook funds.

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Chikwado, who hails from the Geo-informatics and Surveying department, stands accused of misappropriating funds intended for textbook purchases, sending ripples of disbelief and dismay throughout the campus community. Reports suggest that his classmates and department have declared him wanted as the scandal unfolds.

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According to sources close to the matter, Chikwado allegedly received physics textbooks worth over ₦700,000 from a supplier based in Nsukka. The textbooks were meant to be sold to first-year architecture students and his fellow Geo-informatics classmates. However, instead of transferring the proceeds from textbook sales to the supplier, Chikwado purportedly engaged in fraudulent activities, faking transfers to the physics department account and providing counterfeit receipts to the supplier.

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The sudden disappearance of Chikwado has left many in shock and disbelief, with the campus community demanding answers and accountability for the alleged financial misconduct.

As investigations into the matter continue, concerns regarding transparency and integrity in student leadership roles have been raised, highlighting the need for stricter oversight and accountability measures.

Stay tuned for further updates as this story develops.