Rich Nigerian Man Takes CLA 45 AMG Benz Worth Over N42M to UNILAG, Clip Shows Students "Rushing" Him

Na money dey talk o. He became an instant celeb! A young Nigerian man in a video drove 2021 CLA 45 AMG that has a starting price of $55,900 (N42,811,015) to UNILAG and students would not leave him alone. "Must you bring this to sch, Some guys no like low key life at all, shior," a person reacted.

Rich Nigerian Man Takes CLA 45 AMG Benz Worth Over N42M to UNILAG, Clip Shows Students "Rushing" Him

A Nigerian man, a skilled forex trader, attracted significant attention from students when he drove his 2021 CLA 45 AMG to the University of Lagos. The luxurious ride captured the fascination of many undergraduates who couldn't resist the urge to touch and admire the car.

As @habbyfx, a young Nigerian forex trader, shared a video capturing this scene, onlookers couldn't help but gather around the expensive car, basking in the presence of the wealthy young man. Many praised the young millionaire, expressing their desire to learn forex and achieve such success.

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The cost of the CLA 45 AMG was the subject of much speculation. As per Mbusa, the vehicle's price starts at $55,900 (N42,811,015), and its body design is handcrafted. It boasts a five-passenger capacity.

Anuoluwapo, a Nigerian forex trader, emphasized the enormous potential of financial trading. While acknowledging that one can accumulate wealth through trading, he also noted that it's not a straightforward path to prosperity.

As of the time of this report, the video has garnered over 500 comments and more than 44,000 likes. It's evident that the sight of a luxury car on campus stirred curiosity and excitement among students.

Some students joked about the car's spiritual significance, with one asking if "Jesus is inside the car." Others pointed out the risk of damage when curious onlookers touched the car.

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The attention the car received raises questions about the dynamics of displaying wealth in public spaces. While some revel in the spotlight, others prefer a more low-key lifestyle. The video, however, demonstrates the allure of luxury vehicles and the fascination they generate.