Taraba State University New Dress Code Sets Academic Tone

Taraba State University's New Dress Code Sets Academic Tone

Taraba State University New Dress Code Sets Academic Tone

As Taraba State University, Jalingo, gears up for the second semester, students are reminded of the crucial role the recently introduced dress code plays in shaping the campus environment.

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Spearheaded by Prof. Sunday Paul Bako, the Vice-Chancellor, and passionately endorsed by Dr. Atando Dauda Agbu, Dean of Students' Affairs, the University aims to foster a culture of discipline and professionalism.

In a recent communication to students, Dr. Atando Dauda Agbu highlighted the significance of embracing the dress code. Non-compliance may result in penalties outlined by the University, underscoring the institution's commitment to maintaining standards. The University's leadership envisions a campus marked by respect, professionalism, and an atmosphere conducive to academic excellence.

Parents and guardians are also called upon to play a pivotal role in supporting and reinforcing the University's rules and regulations to their wards. Dr. Agbu emphasizes that their guidance is instrumental in shaping the behavior and attitudes of students, creating a collaborative effort to ensure a positive and productive learning environment for all.

This move reflects Taraba State University's dedication to becoming a beacon of academic integrity and excellence. The blog encourages students and stakeholders to actively contribute to this transformative journey, fostering a dynamic and respectful atmosphere for everyone at TSUJ.