Academic Research Grants Programme for Submissions 2023

The Sustainable Development Goal Fund (SDGF) has opened a research grants programme for submissions

Academic Research Grants Programme for Submissions 2023

The Sustainable Development Goal Fund (SDGF) has opened a research grants programme for submissions.

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The Sustainable Development Goals Fund(SDGFund)is an international multi donor and multi agency development mechanism created in 2014 by the United Nations to support sustainable development activities through integrated and multidimensional joint programmes.This grants for career researchers are open to people working in all sectors and of all nationalities, based anywhere.

Research Project Category:

The categories and specialized subject areas being supported by the grant are:

Agriculture and Food Security Entrepreneurship & Wealth Creation Health and Social Welfare Resource Governance Transport Energy and Power Science and Technology Management

ICT& Telecommunications National Integration and SecurityEnvironment Education and Training

Housing & Urban Development Economic Development

Social Welfare & Population Studies

This call for proposals is targeted at outstanding researchers, beginning researchers and academics based in research institutions or universities.

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Applicants will have to demonstrate that the proposed research or activity is aligned with their country/program 

interests and has potential institutional/individual capacity-building impact.

The grant is categorized into two groups:

1. Grants for junior researchers.

The grants targeted at junior researchers at the Post Graduate degree Level will provide grants ranging from 

$50,000 to 200,000 USD

2.Grants formid-career and/or senior researchers.

The grants for mid-career and/or senior researchers will also be available, each ranging from $255,000-545,000 USD.

Specific to applicants for the researcher's grants:

1. Must at least be enrolled in a Master's Degree Programme for Junior researchers.

2. Must hold a doctoral degree for mid-career and/or Senior researchers (e.g. PhD, DPH, DSC). Clinicians 

(e.g. MBChB, MBBS, MD, DVM holders), who have not completed a PhD must have completed 

specialist training (e.g., Fellowship).

3. Must demonstrate that they have a track record and ongoing commitment to research.

Interested applicants should send their Resume to

Upon receipt of Resume/CVand assessment, they would be provided with the application guidelines and form.

Kindly disseminate the information to other qualified candidates in your country. Do acknowledge receipt.

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Martha Walker

SDGF Grant Advisory Board