LASU Warns Against Fraudulent 'Legit LASU Certificate in 6 Weeks' Scheme

The Lagos State University (LASU) issues a stern warning against a fraudulent scheme circulating on Facebook, promising individuals a "legitimate LASU Certificate in 6 Weeks." The university unequivocally disassociates itself from this claim, emphasizing the impossibility and criminal nature of obtaining a genuine certificate within such a short timeframe. LASU management is actively working with law enforcement to identify those responsible for the misleading post, aiming to protect the institution's reputation. The public is urged to verify information through LASU's official channels and avoid falling prey to deceptive schemes.

LASU  Warns Against Fraudulent 'Legit LASU Certificate in 6 Weeks' Scheme

Lagos State University (LASU) has officially disassociated itself from a circulating sponsored post on Facebook, enticing individuals to acquire a "legitimate LASU Certificate in six weeks." The university has vehemently asserted that such claims are baseless and impossible, emphasizing that obtaining a genuine certificate from LASU within such a short timeframe is both criminal and unachievable.

In an authoritative statement released by Oluwayemisi Thomas-Onashile, the Coordinator of the Centre for Information and Public Relations at Lagos State University, the university clarified that the sponsored post has no connection, direct or indirect, with LASU. Additionally, the individual named Njika Johnson Uchechukwu, associated with the phone number 08034463893 in the post, is confirmed not to be a staff member of LASU.

The public is strongly urged to dismiss any attempts to obtain a "legitimate" LASU certificate within six weeks, as it not only violates the law but also lacks authenticity. LASU's management has taken proactive measures by engaging intelligence and law enforcement agencies to identify and take legal action against those responsible for the deceptive post, which poses a threat to the institution's reputation.

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To ensure the accuracy of information related to the university, the public is advised to verify through LASU's official website,, or its authorized social media platforms. LASU remains committed to upholding the integrity of its certification process and warns against falling victim to fraudulent schemes.