Platoon Four Dominates Inter-platoon NYSC Sports Competition (PHOTOS)

Platoon Four Dominates Inter-platoon NYSC Sports Competition (PHOTOS)

The inter- platoon Football competition where NYSC brings together Corps Members from different backgrounds and disciplines to compete healthily in the spirit of comradeship and oneness. The competition officially commenced on Tuesday, 6th December 2022 at the Permanent Orientation Camp, Ede, Osun State. After various platoons competed, platoon 6 and platoon 4 successfully reached the final round.

Ten days after the commencement of the ceremony, the final round of the inter-platoon competition commenced on Friday with the band playing for the footballers and the red cross ready to ensure the footballers are in good health during the course of the match. The competition also served as the official closing ceremony of sporting events for the 2022 Batch C Stream II Orientation Course in Oṣun State. 

Present at the competition were the state Coordinator, Mrs Olayinka Abdulwahab represented by the Camp Director, Alhaji Adamu Abdullahi, the Camp Commandant, Major General AG Mohammed and other NYSC officials. The Camp Director and all the other officials shook hands with each of the players before the commencement of the match with platoon 6 on yellow and black and platoon 4 on blue. After which the officials took  pictures with both football teams as they prepare to begin.

At this point the audience could say the sports directors have done their best to lead their teams into the final round and it was time to see which team would emerge the winner as the opposing teams hug each other even with the intensity of the competition. 

The game begins with platoon 6 having the first kick. The game was so intense that at the first half of the match there was no goal as the goalkeepers of both teams guarded their goal posts with so much zeal and dedication.

The second half commenced with platoon 6 nearly scoring a goal if not for the ball going outside of the net.

To the surprise of the audience, the full time of the match ended and still no goal. This brought about penalties as a way to choose the winners. 

The penalties were very intense as the teams consecutively got a tie until platoon 4 broke the tie and emerged winners. The team was so excited as the win brought a warm smile and great glory to the platoon. 

During the break, inter-platoon 100 meters race was done for both male and female.

Meanwhile, platoon 10 emerged winners of the volleyball competition which finals took place on Tuesday. Platoon 10 won against platoon 7 who came second place after the match.