Skyline University Nigeria Commemorates World Water Day 2024

Skyline University Nigeria's Department of Biological Science Commemorates World Water Day 2024

Skyline University Nigeria Commemorates World Water Day 2024

The Department of Biological Science at Skyline University Nigeria (SUN) recently observed World Water Day 2024 through engaging guest sessions held at the university campus.

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The event served as a platform to enlighten students on their pivotal role in advocating for access to clean water, thereby promoting sanitation and proper hygiene practices.


Designated by the United Nations (UN), March 22nd marks World Water Day, emphasizing the critical importance of water to sustainable life. This year's theme, 'Water for Prosperity and Peace,' underscores the profound impact of water in fostering prosperity and peace within societies.

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Through informative sessions and discussions, SUN's Department of Biological Science facilitated a deeper understanding among students regarding the significance of water conservation and its correlation with climate change mitigation efforts.

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As part of its commitment to raising awareness and promoting sustainable practices, SUN continues to champion initiatives that empower individuals to contribute to the preservation and equitable access to water resources.