UNILORIN Expels Student for Demanding Ransom

The University of Ilorin has expelled a student, Olanrewaju Abdulkadri, for demanding ransom in missing person case.

UNILORIN Expels Student for Demanding Ransom

The University of Ilorin has taken decisive action by expelling a 100-level student, Olanrewaju Abdulkabir Abdulkadri, for his alleged involvement in demanding a ransom from the parents of a missing colleague. This development was disclosed in the university's weekly bulletin, as announced by the Director of Corporate Affairs, Kunle Akogun, on Monday.

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The expelled student was admitted in the Department of Information Technology within the Faculty of Communication and Information Sciences.

The university's decision to expel Abdulkadri comes in response to serious allegations surrounding his conduct in relation to the disappearance of a fellow student. The incident has raised concerns and prompted swift action from the university administration to uphold discipline and ensure the safety and welfare of its students.

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The University of Ilorin's action emphasized its zero-tolerance policy towards misconduct and criminal behavior within its campus community. By taking swift and decisive action, the university administration aims to send a clear message that such actions will not be tolerated and that appropriate measures will be taken to uphold justice and accountability.