Young Nigerian graduates high school with good grades, Wins $57,000 in Scholarships to 5 U.S. Universities

He applied individually and gained admission to 6 universities outside Nigeria.

Young Nigerian graduates high school with good grades, Wins $57,000 in Scholarships to 5 U.S. Universities
Stephan Mbala

In an inspiring achievement, young Nigerian scholar Stephan Mbala, a recent graduate of Chrisland Schools in Lagos, Nigeria, has made waves by securing a total of $57,000 in scholarships to pursue his higher education in the United States.

Stephan Mbala graduated with distinction from Chrisland Schools, and he reflects on his educational journey as an incredible and momentous experience. Expressing his profound appreciation, he attributes his success to the unwavering support and guidance of his teachers, non-teaching staff, and, most notably, his cherished circle of friends. He recognizes the invaluable role that friendship and camaraderie played in his academic achievements.

Sharing his journey on LinkedIn, Stephan revealed that he had individually applied to six universities outside Nigeria, and the results were nothing short of exceptional. He received scholarship offers from five of the institutions, emphasizing the recognition of his exceptional talents and potential.

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Among his notable achievements, Stephan secured an international competitive scholarship from New Mexico State University, entitling him to in-state tuition worth $18,300, a significant reduction in international tuition costs, and an additional stipend of $100 for each semester. This accomplishment underscores his academic excellence and promise.

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Further adding to his impressive array of scholarships, Stephan also earned a $7,000 merit-based Presidential and Akron Advantage Award scholarship from the University of Akron, affirming his outstanding academic prowess and dedication to his studies. Additionally, he was granted the prestigious Imago Dei scholarship from Simpson University, a merit-based award amounting to $27,964.

Not stopping there, Stephan's academic journey also earned him a merit-based scholarship of $17,000 from McMurry University and a $6,000 merit-based scholarship from West Virginia University. All these scholarships have one thing in common – they are all based in the United States.

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Stephan Mbala's incredible achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring scholars and exemplify the power of dedication, hard work, and unwavering determination. His scholarship wins open up a world of opportunities for his academic pursuits and future endeavors on the international stage.