Asst. Prof Nuhu Musa Idris, BUK Faculty of Law Lecturer

He is a Lawyer by profession, a Professional Senior Lecturer, a Versatile Scholar of Law and the Shari'ah, a writer and a hardworking Academic.

Asst. Prof Nuhu Musa Idris, BUK Faculty of Law Lecturer




In this episode, we would take a special look at the background and the educational achievements of an Ass. Professor of Law in the Faculty of Law, Bayero University, Kano.

He is a Lawyer by profession, a Professional Senior Lecturer, a Versatile Scholar of Law and the Shari'ah, a writer and a hardworking Academic.

Our Icon is a Tax Jurisdiction Expert, well-read in International Tax Law, well-vast in the field of Islamic Law of Succession (Mirath) & Wasiyya, Skilful in Legal Method as well as the Nigeria's Legal System. 

Ass. Professor Nuhu Musa Idris is an indegene of Kano state. He first had his Diploma in Law from Kano state Polytechnic in 1997. He went to Bayero University and got his LLB (Hons) in 2005. He proceeded to the Nigerian Law School Abuja (Bwari) campus for his B.L qualifying certificate in 2006. He obtained his Master's Degree in Law from Bayero University Kano in 2011. He completed his Ph.D at the University of Kwazulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa in 2017.

Ass. Prof. Nuhu Musa Idris is quite known for his versatility in knowledge and relative experience in the several fields of Law for many years, he acquires wide experience and gained a special mastery of Mirath & Wasiyya Law, this has left many students agape to realize this unique experience and a rare gift.

He teaches his students with high sense of discipline, morality and virtue. His humility among students has fetched for his rare gem an after living admiration, respect and salutations.

One of his passionate conducts is to always see himself among his students in higher sense of humour and friendly terms.

He remains a fountain who dedicates his time for the rapid growth and prestige of both areas of Law (Common and Shari'ah) in the Faculty of Law, BUK.

To students of the beginner level, Ass. Prof. Nuhu Musa would receive the description of a skilful Legal Method guru. But to the penultimate year students he is a jurisprudential scholar with admirable experience of the intricacies of the Mirath principles. Likewise, to other upward levels, he would be reminisced as a Technical Tax Law Expert.

This is to realize the invaluable contribution he gives across students' levels towards the advancement and promotion of an enriching Academic System.

Ass. Professor Nuhu Musa Idris is the author of the famous Tax Law book titled Tax Residency under Domestic Law: Explore the Divergence in Designing the Definitional Rules.

Administratively, He held many positions and served in different capacities for over a decade in the effective leadership that piloted the affairs of the BUK_Faculty of Law.

He was the Immediate past Deputy Dean of Law, of the Faculty of Law, Bayero University Kano .

As a practising Lawyer, he is always proud to see  his students in courts_as Lawyers, Magistrates and Judges_ And feel humbled and grateful  whenever he is to appear  even as an adverse counsels before a court. Where as he mentors, guides and advocates for ethics, equity, sanity of the legal profession and sanctity of justice to take its normal cause.

History would always remember him as one of the breadwinners that firmly stood for the domestication of the Administration of the Criminal Justice Law of Kano state (2019) and many other Laws implemented in the state.

Ass. Prof. Nuhu Musa Idris will be remembered for his humility and vast experience to encourage students towards self-determination, inspiration, honesty, discipline and dedication. 

May Almighty Allah fulfil for the Ass. Prof his dream to see all his students attaining to their living objectives, becoming vanguard of justice, honest citizens and fair leaders.

Long live the Humble Icon_Ass. Prof. Nuhu Musa Idris, of the Faculty of Law_Bayero University Kano.