LASU Announces Final Examination Process for External System Students

Lagos State University (LASU) has announced the final examination process for students of the Lagos State University External System (LASUES), which is distinct from the Part-Time Study program.

LASU Announces Final Examination Process for External System Students

The Lagos State University (LASU) management has approved the final winding down process for the Lagos State University External System (LASUES). This announcement affects all LASUES students who have not yet graduated. It is crucial to note that LASUES is distinct from LASU’s Part-Time Study program.

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To participate in the final examinations for their outstanding courses, LASUES students must follow these steps:

A. Identification of Outstanding Courses

Visit the LASU Students' Result Portal: LASU Result Portal

Enter your matriculation number to view your academic profile and identify outstanding courses.

Note: The portal will be available from Monday, June 10, 2024.

B. Enrolment for the Examination and Payment

Visit the LASU website: LASU Website

Navigate to the Student section and click on "LASUES MopUp Exam".

Enter your matriculation number and click submit.

Select your outstanding courses for enrolment and proceed.

After finalizing enrolment, make the required payment for the examination fee to access the main examination portal.

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C. Examination Procedure

Upon successful payment, students must log in to the examination portal using their matriculation number to initiate the examination process.

Important Notes:

A one-time payment is required for all outstanding course examinations.

The examination period is from Monday, June 10, 2024, to Wednesday, July 10, 2024. No extensions will be granted.

Graduating students from this process will be immediately recommended for Senate approval by the Vice Chancellor's committee on LASUES makeup examinations.

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For further clarifications, students can email:

Payment Reminder:

All payments should be made through the official LASU e-payment portal: LASU ePayment. The University will not be responsible for payments made through any other channels.