MSSN YSU Shaping a Bright Future Together with Enthusiastic General Meeting

MSSN YSU Shaping a Bright Future Together

MSSN YSU Shaping a Bright Future Together with Enthusiastic General Meeting

In a thrilling update from the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN), Yobe State University, YUMSUK Branch, the organization recently conducted a General Meeting.

This meeting was a vibrant gathering, exemplifying the enthusiastic spirit of the students and their shared commitment to positive change.

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Numerous key topics were discussed during the meeting, setting the stage for an exciting week ahead, as MSSN prepares for its Upcoming Week. The agenda for this special week is brimming with enlightening activities and engaging events. The highlights of the discussions included:

The Final Qur'anic Musabaƙa: A special event highlighting the significance of Qur'anic recitation.

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Females Arab Drama: A platform for showcasing the talents and creativity of female students.

Lecture on the Feminism Movement: A thought-provoking session to explore contemporary issues.

Visitation to Orphanage and Correctional Facilities: An opportunity to give back to the community.

In addition to these exciting plans, the MSSN introduced new members to its seven established committees. These dedicated individuals will play a pivotal role in helping MSSN achieve its goals, which include promoting unity, knowledge, and community service within the university.

The organization expressed its gratitude for the active participation and enthusiasm of all attendees. Together, they are working to shape a future characterized by enlightenment, compassion, and unity within the MSSN community.

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