Story of 34 years Served FUTA'S Failed Trip Driver, Orimisan Ogunmolu and his Passion for Driving & Excellence

34 years Served FUTA'S Failed Trip Driver, Orimisan Ogunmolu, and his Passion for Driving & Excellence, myschoolnews gathered that the FUTA Students fondly calls him Papa,

Story of 34 years Served FUTA'S Failed Trip Driver, Orimisan Ogunmolu and his Passion for Driving & Excellence
Story of 34 years Served FUTA'S Failed Trip Driver, Orimisan Ogunmolu and his Passion for Driving & Excellence

Story of 34 years Served FUTA'S Failed Trip Driver, Orimisan Ogunmolu, and his Passion for Driving & Excellence, myschoolnews gathered that the FUTA Students fondly calls him Papa, Because of his avuncular look and disposition toward them.


Mr. Orimisan Ogunmolu served the Federal University of Technology, Akure meritoriously for thirty-four (34) years as a driver. He handled different brands of vehicle. However he became the darling of students in 2009 after becoming the main driver of the luxurious bus (Marco polo) used for conveying students and their supervisors on field trips to different locations in Nigeria and the West African Sub Region. Because of his avuncular look and disposition to them, students fondly called him Papa.

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 Ogunmolu, who recently retired from the services of the university, is a familiar face to staff and students. He has traverse the length and breadth of Nigeria and West Africa in the service of FUTA.

In a chat with him shortly after his retirement from service, he said he was happy doing whatever task was assigned to him and concluded that God is the ultimate rewarder of human efforts.


My name is Orimisan Ogunmolu, a native of Ode Aye in Okitipupa Local Government Area of Ondo State. I am over 66 years and I joined the services of the university on November 16th, 1987 as a motor driver 1 when the late Professor Theodore Francis Idibiye was the Vice Chancellor. I drove him and other Vice Chancellors too. I drove Professor Ilemobade, Professor Kolawole, Professor Adeyemi, Professor Ogunsusi, Professor Adeniyi. I later drove Professor Balogun and finally Professor Daramola. 

When I started I drove Peugeot 505 ST used by the VC then, late Professor T I Francis. I drove several other official cars but I started driving the Marco polo bus in 2009 when it was purchased.


While driving the bus, I had a lot of experiences especially while taking students on excursion. Students have different characters and attitude so one has to bear with them. I always see them as my children and they call me papa. While on trips I enjoyed their companies both on trips within Nigeria and outside. A few of them behaved rudely to me, but I never took it personal because I took them as my children. Sometimes, after realizing their rudeness they come to apologize and I would forgive them.

 I have taken students and staff on excursion to all the states of the federation, including the Federal Capital, Abuja. I have also driven the bus to Benin republic, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Niger Republic.



I had cordial relationship with staff, including Professors. We had mutual respect for ourselves. I was never rude to any and none was rude to me. Everything is about maturity, understanding and tolerance.


On a trip to Ivory Coast, I drove for 3 days. If its Ghana it takes 2 days, to Niger 2 days. On my first trip to Ivory Coast, we got to a filling station to buy fuel and I asked the attendant how close we were. He told me it’s still very far and asked where we were coming from and I said Nigeria. He said it was a far journey to undertake by just one driver. But we went and returned safely.  


All through the twelve (12) years that I drove the bus, God took control and I had no accident. I only had break failure once coming from Ibarra around Oka slope when I applied the break and discovered it had issues. We were about 56 on the trip. I did not panic. Life itself is a risk. I believe absolutely in God’s protection, because I believe any driver using and trusting the efficacy of charms will always be having accident. I only looked for a safe place where I can maneuver to stop the bus and luckily I spotted a reservoir for water and drove towards it to stop the bus. It was at that point that my passengers were wondering what happened and I explained to them after landing safely. That day I called FUTA Works Department and they brought another bus to rescue passengers while I stayed behind to fix the Marco polo and brought it back to Akure.


While on a trip, I respect and behave myself on the steering. I don’t drink while driving. When we land on a trip, I can then relax and enjoy myself. This is because lives are in my hand while driving and I don’t want to lose any, including mine. Safety first. Generally, drivers, especially those driving public vehicles are known to be “charged” before embarking on trips, but a corporate and matured driver should not do so. I also enjoyed courtesies on the road from the people in uniform. The immunity of driving a government bus is there and attitude towards them too is important. Sometimes they hail me on the way. 


I want to appeal to my colleagues in the system to always put in their best. It may look unrewarding but God always notice. When I joined FUTA in 1987, my salary per annum was just a little above one thousand naira (N1,000) per annum. When we came we were 8, but the other 7 left saying the salary was too small, but I endured and I thank God for it. I always give this analogy to them that if you urinate on a particular spot without moving, it will foam but if not it won’t. I always address myself as a professional and international driver. On one of our trips to Ivory Coast, we went to the Nigerian embassy in Abidjan and we did self-introduction when it got to my turn, I introduced myself as the Pilot. I got a hug from the Nigerian ambassador then. What I have discovered is that not all drivers, especially the young ones had proper training as professionals. Some just learnt by the road side, using vehicles of relatives or friends to learn with no proper experience. I learnt driving for four years and paid four pounds out of 8 pounds. My Oga wrote off the balance because of my good behavior. I obtained my license in 1975, which I still have the photocopy till date.


I received long service award once but got non-accident bonus annually because I had no accident all through my 34 years. To God alone be the glory.


I bless the name of God for helping me so far and for seeing me through my 34 years of service to the nation. I can boldly say that I am the most travelled driver in FUTA before I retired and I thank God for helping me. I can say I am fulfilled because I still enjoy good health and God has given me good children who are taking care of me. All through my time in FUTA, I never lobbied for anything because I believe it’s only God that rewards diligence and hard work. I handed over to somebody who I believe can handle the bus and I am happy I handed over a functional bus.