UNILAG Undergraduate Doko Timilehin Clinches Third Place in 2024 National Scrabble Championship

UNILAG undergraduate Doko Timilehin from Ogun State secured third place in the 2024 National Scrabble Championship.

UNILAG Undergraduate Doko Timilehin Clinches Third Place in 2024 National Scrabble Championship

In a thrilling display of word mastery and strategic gameplay, Enoch Nwali emerged as the 2024 National Scrabble Champion, adding another feather to his cap as the reigning African Scrabble champion representing Lagos State. While Enoch's victory stole the spotlight, another rising star captured hearts and minds with his impressive performance - UNILAG undergraduate Doko Timilehin.

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Doko Timilehin, a budding Masters player hailing from Ogun State, showcased his exceptional Scrabble skills throughout the championship, ultimately securing the third-place position. Despite facing stiff competition from seasoned players, Timilehin's dedication, strategic acumen, and love for the game propelled him to this commendable achievement.

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His journey to the podium was not without challenges, but Timilehin's resilience and passion for Scrabble shone through, earning him well-deserved recognition among the Scrabble community. As a UNILAG undergraduate, Timilehin's success serves as an inspiration to aspiring Scrabble enthusiasts and underscores the importance of dedication, continuous learning, and perseverance in pursuing one's passion.

While Enoch Nwali and John Aiyedun claimed the first and second spots respectively, Timilehin's impressive performance has undoubtedly cemented his place as a rising star to watch in the world of competitive Scrabble.

As Timilehin continues to hone his skills and represent UNILAG on the Scrabble stage, we look forward to witnessing his future accomplishments and celebrating his journey towards becoming a Scrabble master.

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Congratulations to Doko Timilehin on his outstanding performance in the 2024 National Scrabble Championship! His success is a testament to the talent and potential that thrives within our educational institutions, inspiring fellow students and Scrabble enthusiasts alike.