Valentine Ozigbo Challenges Tansian Graduates to Uphold True Citizenship

Valentine Ozigbo emphasizes the responsibility and accountability of Tansian University graduates in shaping Nigeria's future through true citizenship.

Valentine Ozigbo Challenges Tansian Graduates to Uphold True Citizenship
Valentine Ozigbo

Valentine Chineto Ozigbo, a prominent political figure and former Special Adviser to Peter Obi, delivered a powerful convocation speech at Tansian University, emphasizing the crucial role of graduates in shaping Nigeria’s future.

In his lecture titled "Redeeming Ourselves: A Call for True Citizenship," Ozigbo urged the graduates to take responsibility for the country's development. He lamented the failure to pass down the 'Nigerian dream' to the current generation and called for reflection and action.

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"Faithful citizenship is more than a title; it is a call to action," Ozigbo declared. "Our society’s rejuvenation depends on how well you apply the knowledge you have gained."

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Ozigbo underscored the importance of accountability, stating that both the successes and failures of the nation are the responsibility of its citizens. He encouraged the graduates to harness Nigeria's vast natural and human resources wisely and justly.

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"The future of our country hinges on your accomplishments and how you conduct yourselves," he said. "We must hold ourselves accountable for the nation’s challenges and celebrate our triumphs."

Ozigbo’s address concluded with a powerful reminder of the graduates' potential to lead with courage and compassion, driving Nigeria towards a brighter and more just future.