A Peak Into Tansian University's Academic Structure; List Of Available Faculties And Courses

A Peak Into Tansian University's Academic Structure

A Peak Into Tansian University's Academic Structure; List Of Available Faculties And Courses
Tansian University, Logo

Tansian University, a private Christian institution, remains a beacon of education and development since its establishment on May 17, 2009, by the late Rev Msgr Prof John Bosco Akam. The university, initially located in Oba, Idemili South Local Government Area, started as a temporary site before its permanent campus was established in Umunya.

The university, which operates under the motto "Scientia potestas et virtus," translating to "Knowledge Is Power," has two campuses: the permanent Umunya Campus in Anambra State and the Oba Campus, serving as a satellite location.

Despite being a private university, Tansian University received support from the Anambra State government under Governor Peter Obi, who donated funds and vehicles for infrastructural upgrades and development.

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In 2021, Tansian University faced the loss of its founder, Rev Msgr Prof John Akam, a setback that has not deterred the institution from pursuing its mission. The university's mission is to foster the intellectual, personal, cultural, and ethical development of its students, with a commitment to restoring the pride of the black man through a Human Development; Total Man Concept-driven curriculum. This involves employing innovative teaching methods, research, and professional services that encourage integrated, life-transforming education relevant to the context of Science, Technology, and Human Capacity Building.

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Tansian University boasts of a range of faculties and courses, offering a diverse array of educational opportunities:

1. Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences

- Biochemistry

 - Chemistry

- Computer Science

 - Industrial Chemistry

 - Information and Communication Technology

 - Microbiology

 - Physics

 - Physics and Electronics

2. Faculty of Management and Social Sciences:

   - Accounting

   - Banking and Finance

   - Business Administration

   - Mass Communication

   - Criminology and Security Studies

   - Statistics

   - Economics and Statistics

   - Economics

   - Political Science

   - International Relations

   - Public Administration

   - Mass Communication

   - Philosophy and Religious Studies

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3. Faculty of Education:

   - (Special) Education

   - (Arts) Education

   - (Science) Education

   - Social Science and Vocational Education

4. Faculty of Environmental Scientists:

   - Architecture

   - Estate Management

   - Urban and Regional Planning

5. Faculty of Health Sciences:

   - Nursing Science

   - Medical Laboratory Science

   - Public Health

6. Faculty of Law:

   - Civil Law

Tansian University continues to uphold its commitment to education and development and it remains a key player in shaping the future of students and contributing to the advancement of knowledge in Nigeria.