Enugu State Government Warns IPOB Against Disrupting WAEC Exams on May 30

Enugu government cautions IPOB, emphasizing the importance of educational continuity amidst scheduled WAEC exams.

Enugu State Government Warns IPOB Against Disrupting WAEC Exams on May 30
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In a recent development, the Enugu State Government has issued a stern warning to the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) against their planned disruption of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) exams slated for May 30. Mr. Aka Eze Aka, the State Commissioner for Information and Communication, conveyed the government’s stance on the matter, emphasizing that there would be no tolerance for any illegal activities orchestrated by IPOB.

The government's statement came in response to reports of IPOB's directive to postpone the General Mathematics exams scheduled for May 30, which coincides with their designated "Biafra Heroes Day." Mr. Aka expressed deep concern over IPOB's call for such disruption, highlighting its potential adverse effects on the socio-economic and educational landscape of Enugu State.

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Amidst these concerns, the Enugu State Government assured residents and students of adequate security measures on the exam day. They urged individuals to proceed with their normal activities, emphasizing the importance of maintaining educational continuity and societal stability.

Mr. Aka further criticized IPOB's actions, citing the sacrifices made by past generations to ensure the progress and prosperity of the Igbo community. He underscored the significance of education as a cornerstone for the future development of the region, condemning any actions that impede students' rights to education.

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Moreover, the government emphasized the regional implications of disrupting the WAEC exams, noting that WAEC is a regional body that cannot adjust its schedule for local disruptions. This highlights the necessity of upholding the exam schedule for the benefit of students not only in Enugu but across West Africa.

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In conclusion, the Enugu State Government's proactive stance reflects its commitment to safeguarding educational activities and maintaining societal order. By issuing this warning, they aim to uphold the integrity of the WAEC exams and ensure the continuity of education for future generations.

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