Exciting Developments in Abia as Table Tennis Fever Hits Schools

Abia State Boosts Table Tennis in Schools for Youth Development

Exciting Developments in Abia as Table Tennis Fever Hits Schools

In a bid to promote sports among the youth, the Abia State Chapter of the Nigeria Table Tennis Federation (NTTF) has launched its ambitious "Catch Them Young" program. The initiative involves the distribution of locally made Table Tennis Boards to schools across the state.

Reports indicate that the inaugural Abia NTTF inter-collegiate championship is set to take place in 2024, welcoming participation from all secondary schools in the region. The championship aims to identify and nurture young talents while fostering a culture of healthy competition.

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To ensure the success of the program, the Abia NTTF will be providing experienced coaches to schools. These coaches will play a crucial role in imparting essential techniques to students, helping them refine their Table Tennis skills.

Winners of the championship, which will include both internal and external tournaments, stand a chance to receive scholarships. The scholarships are intended to support the academic pursuits of the talented young athletes.

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To be part of the championship, schools can either purchase Aba-Made Table Tennis Boards directly from the Abia NTTF or participate in the NTTF 100 Schools free Table Tennis distribution scheme.

Furthermore, students have the opportunity to earn Table Tennis Scholarships by excelling in intra-school tournaments or the inter-collegiate championship involving multiple schools, as recommended by the Federation.

Dike Dimiri, Chairman of the Abia State Chapter of NTTF, emphasized that the scholarships would be contingent on academic performance. The principle of "no grade, no play" underscores the importance of maintaining excellence in both academics and sports to retain scholarship positions.

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Dimiri highlighted the availability of locally made tables for sale and distribution to schools in Abia. This strategic decision not only supports the grassroots program but also aims to boost the local economy by encouraging local manufacturers.

In response to the initiative, Obinna Sullivan Achilihu, the principal of Sacred Heart College in Aba, expressed enthusiasm about the positive impact of the program. He emphasized the excitement and ambition of the students, acknowledging the opportunities that Table Tennis brings for their personal development.

The move by the Abia NTTF marks a significant step towards nurturing sporting talent at a grassroots level, providing students with the chance to excel both academically and athletically.