Farewell Address by Outgoing UNIMAID UMARADS President Eedrees Muhammad

Farewell Address by Outgoing UMARADS President Eedrees Muhammad

Farewell Address by Outgoing UNIMAID UMARADS President Eedrees Muhammad

In a heartfelt farewell address, Eedrees Muhammad, the outgoing 14th President of UMARADS Executive Council, expressed gratitude, reflection, and hope for the future as he bid adieu to his role.

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Addressing fellow UMARADS members, faculty, and distinguished guests, Eedrees Muhammad commenced his address by acknowledging the guidance and blessings of Almighty Allah for the journey thus far.


In his speech, Eedrees Muhammad reminisced about the journey of leadership, highlighting the trials, triumphs, and the collective vision that shaped the term. He spoke of the mission to envision a Modern UMARADS, emphasizing inclusivity, impact, and advancement in Radiography education.

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The outgoing president proudly recounted various accomplishments achieved during the tenure. Among them, the establishment of a Modern UMARADS Model, formation of Standing Committees for member engagement, and the creation of the 'Clark's Positioning' handbook stood as milestones.


He emphasized the association's global outreach, boasting of virtual sessions and the rad-PAIR Program that linked UMARADS with international partners. Additionally, Eedrees Muhammad underscored the local impact, celebrating initiatives such as facility upgrades, educational programs, and the creation of 'THE RADIANT MAGAZINE'.

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Throughout his address, Eedrees Muhammad credited the collective efforts of UMARADS members, Executive Council, and Standing Committees for the accomplishments. He expressed gratitude to lecturers, staff advisers, and philanthropists whose support was instrumental.


In passing the leadership baton, Eedrees Muhammad encouraged the incoming generation to preserve UMARADS' values, face challenges with vigor, celebrate victories, and continue envisioning a prosperous future for the association and Radiography.


With a heartfelt "Thank you" and a hope for the enduring radiance of UMARADS, Eedrees Muhammad concluded his farewell address, signifying a transition and the promise of a brighter future under new leadership.