Fresh List of Landmark University Postgraduate Courses gathered the Fresh List of Landmark University Postgraduate Courses

Fresh List of Landmark University Postgraduate Courses


Below is the list of postgraduate courses accredited by NUC for the Landmark University (LMU), School of Postgraduate Studies (SPS).


Landmark University, School of Postgraduate Studies (SPS) focuses on the attainment of new frontiers in training, scholarship, research and innovation that will lead to major discoveries and breakthrough in various fields of academic that will break new grounds in academia, industry and government.


Landmark University Accredited Postgraduate Courses

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College of Business and Social Sciences

1 Accounting

2 Business Administration (with the Business Administration, Management and Entrepreneurship options)

3 Sociology

4 Political Science

5 Banking and Finance

6 Economics

7 International Relations

College of Agricultural Sciences

8 Agricultural Economics

9 Agricultural Extension and Rural Development

10 Crop Science

11 Soil Science

12 Animal Science

College of Engineering

13 Agricultural and Bio-Systems Engineering

14 Mechanical Engineering

15 Electrical & Information Engineering

16 Chemical Engineering

17 Civil Engineering

College of Pure and Applied Sciences

18 Biochemistry

19 Computer Science

20 Industrial Chemistry

21 Mathematics

22 Microbiology

23 Physics