Prof. Dulcie Mulholland Urges Researchers to Prioritize Quality over Quantity Research

Prof. Dulcie Mulholland Urges Researchers to Prioritize Quality over Quantity Research

During a two-day workshop titled "Herbal Product Drug Discovery & Development" organized by the Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Prof. Dulcie Mulholland, a distinguished professor from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom (UK), emphasized the significance of prioritizing research quality over quantity.

In her enlightening presentation at the opening session of the workshop, Prof. Mulholland shared valuable insights into securing high-impact grants for meaningful contributions. She underscored the importance of researchers acquiring essential skills, focusing on specific and compelling research topics, and publishing their work in reputable international journals.

Drawing from her extensive experience with grant applications, Prof. Mulholland provided practical advice on grant eligibility, funding sources, team formation, and the application process. Additionally, she addressed the issue of intellectual property within research proposals, emphasizing the need to clarify matters related to patenting costs, access to results, and publication protocols. To further assist researchers, she shared a selection of websites where grants can be sourced.

In another informative session, Prof. Mulholland presented a case study on the commercialization of a natural product, using "Larixyne®" as an example. Larixyne® is an agrochemical currently undergoing field trials for the treatment of downy mildew on grapevines, a product developed through collaboration between researchers at the University of Surrey and other partners.

Another distinguished speaker, Prof. Abimbola Sowemimo from the Department of Pharmacognosy, delved into the topic of "Translational Research" during her presentation. She highlighted the significance of translational research, describing it as an approach aimed at generating more meaningful and applicable outcomes. Translational research bridges the gap between scientific discoveries made in laboratories, clinics, or the field and their practical application in healthcare and medical treatments.

Prof. Sowemimo emphasized that translational research is instrumental in improving public health, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers, incorporating public health needs, and promoting best practices in medicine and healthcare.

The workshop, with its engaging presentations from these eminent experts, provided attendees with valuable insights and knowledge essential for advancing research endeavors and promoting the development of impactful herbal products in the field of pharmacognosy.