UNIDEL releases urgent notice on semester break

University of Delta(UNIDEL) has released an urgent notice on semester break.

UNIDEL releases urgent notice on semester break

Following the conclusion of the 2021/2022 first semester examinations scheduled for 4 August, 2022, the University of Delta Arbor would go down for the first semester break effective from 5th August 2022, Myschoolnews.ng report.

To this end, all Students domiciled in the Owa Oyibu Campus hostel would be required to exit the Hostel latest 12noon on Friday August, 2022.

Rosumption of lectures for the Second Semester is on Monday 15 August 2022 while the Hostels would be reopened for occupation effective Sunday 14 August 2022. However, all other University activities as fixed in the Amended 2021/2022 Calendar remain as scheduled please.

The University Management wishes the Students a safe and restful break while the Staff are encouraged to continue the good works.