UNN to Hold Interface and Nomination of Ethics Desk Officers (EDOS)

The management of the university of Nigeria, Nsukka has announced plans to hold an interface on ethics as well as the nomination of ethics desk officers.

UNN to Hold Interface and Nomination of Ethics Desk Officers (EDOS)

The management of the university of Nigeria, Nsukka has announced plans to hold an interface on ethics as well as the nomination of ethics desk officers.

Myschoolnews reports this was contained in a letter issued to the school Community on the Institution's website recently.


The letter reads :


"Interface with Different Faculties, Schools, Units, and Nomination of Ethics Desk Officers (EDOS)



I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to bring to your attention an important initiative being undertaken by the Directorate of Strategic Contacts, Ethics, and Publications (STRACEP). As you may be aware, promoting ethical practises within our institution is of utmost importance to uphold our values and ensure the highest standards of conduct and behaviour. To further strengthen our commitment to ethics, the Directorate is establishing the position of an Ethics Desk Officer at each unit, department, and faculty. The Ethical Officer will serve as a focal point for promoting and fostering ethical practises within the faculty, working closely with faculty members, staff, and students.


We kindly request your support in nominating an Ethics Desk officer from your faculty. The Ethical Officer should be an individual who exemplifies integrity, has a strong understanding of ethical principles, and demonstrates a passion for promoting ethical conduct among their peers. The responsibilities of the Ethical Officer will include:


Acting as a resource person for faculty members, staff, and students on matters related to ethical practises such as the processing of ethical clearance, etc.

Raising awareness about ethical guidelines, codes of conduct, and institutional policies within the faculty

Facilitating discussions and initiatives related to ethical issues within the faculty

Collaborating with the Directorate to implement institution-wide ethical programmes and initiatives

Serving as a point of contact for reporting any ethical concerns or violations within the faculty

We believe that by having a staff Ethics Desk Officer in each Department and Faculty, we can create a strong network of individuals who are dedicated to upholding ethical standards. Their role will be instrumental in promoting a culture of integrity, trust, and responsible behaviour among faculty members, staff, and students. To nominate an Ethics Desk Officer, we kindly request that you identify a suitable candidate from your department or faculty who possesses the necessary qualities and commitment to fulfil the role effectively. Once the nomination is made, we will provide the appointed Ethical Officer with the required training, resources, and support to carry out their responsibilities efficiently. Please submit your nomination for the Departmental Ethics Desk Officer to the Directorate of Ethics before or on July 27, 2023.




On the 3rd of August, 2023, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Charles Arinze Igwe, will present the new ethical policy for the University to the University Community at Niger Hall, CEC, beginning at 10 a.m. The Vice Chancellor looks forward to having an interface with other principal officers, Deans, directors, and all the Heads of departments on that DAY. The soft copy of the new Ethical policy is uploaded and available on the University website beginning July 22, 2023, for access and perusal. Together, we can create an environment that values and upholds ethical principles, fostering the development of responsible and ethical professionals within our institution. Should you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. On the same day, August 3, the date of the official presentation of the ethical policy by the Vice Chancellor, the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Professor PU Okpoko, will inaugurate the staff Ethics Desk Officers. Please find attached the programme agenda for the day.




Dr. Ani Casimir,