Valentine Ozigbo Urges Tansian University Graduates to Transform Nigeria

Valentine Ozigbo calls on Tansian University graduates to utilize their education to drive national development and challenge the status quo in Nigeria.

Valentine Ozigbo Urges Tansian University Graduates to Transform Nigeria
Valentine Ozigbo

During a stirring convocation lecture at Tansian University, Valentine Chineto Ozigbo, former Special Adviser to Labour Party Presidential Candidate Peter Obi and 2021 Gubernatorial Candidate in Anambra State, called on graduates to harness their education to transform Nigeria.

In his address titled "Redeeming Ourselves: A Call for True Citizenship," Ozigbo challenged the graduates to break free from the status quo and work towards creating a better future for the nation. He emphasized the importance of education in empowering individuals to effect change and urged the graduates to apply their knowledge to rejuvenate society.

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"We must reflect on why the 'Nigerian dream' of a prosperous and just society was not preserved for the next generation," Ozigbo stated. "Each of you holds the power to shape the future and make a difference in the world."

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Ozigbo highlighted the stark contrast between the opportunities available to previous generations and the challenges faced by today's graduates due to poor political leadership. He encouraged the graduates to rise above these challenges and lead with integrity, service, and compassion.

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"Our nation’s future hinges on our ability to embrace a new ethos of citizenship grounded in integrity and compassion," he concluded.

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