Veritas University Holds Graduation and Thanksgiving Mass for Class of 2024

Veritas University in Abuja celebrates its annual graduation and Thanksgiving Mass, honoring the achievements of its 2024 graduates with speeches and blessings.

Veritas University Holds Graduation and Thanksgiving Mass for Class of 2024
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Veritas University of Nigeria, Abuja, celebrated a joyous occasion with its annual graduation ceremony and Thanksgiving Mass, honoring the academic accomplishments of its students. The event, held on 7th July, 2024, brought together faculty, proud families, and friends to commemorate the achievements of the graduating class of 2024.

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The ceremony commenced with an invocation, followed by speeches delivered by distinguished guests and university officials, emphasizing the significance of education and the transformative journey undertaken by the graduates. Each graduate was individually recognized and congratulated for their hard work and dedication throughout their academic pursuits at Veritas University.

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Amidst prayers and expressions of gratitude, the Thanksgiving Mass highlighted the spiritual foundation of the institution, offering blessings for the graduates' future endeavors. The atmosphere was filled with optimism and pride as graduates reflected on their experiences and looked forward to embracing new opportunities.

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The event concluded with a reception where graduates and attendees shared moments of joy and camaraderie, celebrating not only academic success but also the bonds formed within the Veritas University community.

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