Abia Lawmaker Proposes Suspension of Nigerian Law School Fee Hike

Amidst worries over affordability, an Abia State lawmaker urges halting the Nigerian Law School fee increase, emphasizing potential impacts on legal education and employment.

Abia Lawmaker Proposes Suspension of Nigerian Law School Fee Hike

In a bid to address concerns over the recent surge in fees at the Nigerian Law School, the House of Representatives has called upon the Council of Legal Education to suspend its decision to raise tuition from N296,000 to N476,000. The motion, put forward by Hon. Ginger Owusibe, representing Abia State, gained traction during deliberations.

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Owusibe emphasized the critical role of the Council of Legal Education in overseeing legal education across Nigeria, including the determination of fees and associated costs for students attending the Nigerian Law School. He pointed out that the Council's recent approval of a 60% fee increase for the 2023/2024 Bar Part II academic session had commenced without sufficient time for prospective students to adjust financially.

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The lawmaker underscored the potential repercussions of such a significant fee hike, warning of a possible decline in the number of law school enrollees and consequently a decrease in the pool of legal practitioners. He highlighted the broader impact on national unemployment rates, as individuals unable to afford legal education would be excluded from the legal profession.

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The motion, supported by the House, reflects growing concerns about accessibility to legal education and the need to strike a balance between ensuring quality services and making legal education financially viable for aspiring lawyers. The House's call for a reevaluation of the fee increase aims to mitigate potential adverse effects on legal education and the legal profession in Nigeria.