ABSU Hostel Clearance 2023-2024 Step-by-Step Process Unveiled for Freshers

Discover the streamlined procedure for Abia State University (ABSU) hostel clearance for the 2023/2024 academic year, ensuring stress-free accommodation arrangements for students.

ABSU Hostel Clearance 2023-2024 Step-by-Step Process Unveiled for Freshers
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In a significant development today, the long-awaited physical clearance process for hostel accommodation at Abia State University (ABSU) commenced at the Students Affairs Department. This marks a crucial step for all 2023-2024 freshers eagerly anticipating their accommodation arrangements.

The process, outlined by university officials, requires students to adhere to a specific set of instructions to ensure a smooth and efficient clearance process:

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1. Online Hostel Assignment: Students are urged to log in to their respective portals and print out the page confirming their hostel assignment.

2. Payment Procedure: Upon obtaining the hostel assignment, students are directed to ABSU MicroFinance Bank, either within or outside the school premises. Here, they are to fill a deposit slip and make a payment of #6,200. The details required on the deposit slip include name, matriculation number, department, session (2023/2024), level (100Lvl), and payment purpose (Hostel Clearance).

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3. Documentation: Once the payment is processed, students must ensure they have the following documents ready:

   - Printed hostel assignment page

   - Receipt of payment amounting to #6,200

   - School fees receipt

   - Passport photograph

4. Visit to Student Affairs: With the necessary documents in hand, students are then required to proceed to the Student Affairs Department. Here, they will be provided with another form to fill and photocopy.

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5. Hostel Allocation: After completing the formalities at the Student Affairs Department, students must proceed to the hostel they have been assigned to. They should meet with the hostel porter and present all required documents, including the passport photograph.

6. Green Card Issuance: Upon verification of documents, students will receive a Green Card, indicating their legal occupancy of the hostel. Additionally, they will be allocated a bed for their stay.

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For returning students, the process remains largely the same, albeit with a reduced payment amount of #3,200.

This announcement comes as a relief to many students who have eagerly awaited clarity on their accommodation arrangements. As the process unfolds, university officials urge students to adhere strictly to the outlined procedures to avoid any delays or complications.

For any inquiries or clarifications regarding the hostel clearance process, students are encouraged to seek assistance from university authorities or leave their questions in the comments section below.

Stay tuned to myschoolnews for further updates as the hostel clearance process continues.