Ebonyi State University Adopts Cashless Policy to Combat Financial Leakages

Ebonyi State University transitions to a cashless payment system to reduce financial leakages and improve administrative efficiency, setting a new standard in Nigeria's educational sector.

Ebonyi State University Adopts Cashless Policy to Combat Financial Leakages
Professor Chigozie Ogbu, the Vice-Chancellor of Ebonyi State University

Ebonyi State University (EBSU), Abakaliki, has embraced a cashless policy to tackle financial leakages and improve efficiency in its financial operations. This significant change aims to enhance accountability and transparency in the university's payment system.

Professor Chigozie Ogbu, the Vice-Chancellor of Ebonyi State University, announced this initiative during a media briefing at the university's permanent site. He mentioned that the adoption of the cashless system has greatly reduced financial leakages by centralizing payments through the school's portal. This strategic move ensures that all financial transactions are controlled and monitored, reducing the risk of mismanagement.

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The Vice-Chancellor highlighted that the university's upgraded system provides various benefits, including a one-point registration process that facilitates stress-free online course registration, the generation of matriculation numbers, and easier access to results. This approach simplifies administrative processes, reducing paperwork and streamlining student services.

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Additionally, EBSU is taking further steps towards digitalization by modernizing its students' and personnel records. This ongoing process is expected to enhance the smooth handling of data, including the issuance of transcripts. Professor Ogbu emphasized that such technological advancements would contribute to improving the overall efficiency of the educational system.

In his remarks, the Vice-Chancellor urged the Nigerian government to invest in educational technology to ensure the proper functioning of the educational sector, which plays a crucial role in shaping future leaders in the country.

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EBSU's transformation to a cashless system is part of a larger project aimed at making the university paperless. The initiative is managed by KSMART SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL LTD, a pioneering educational technology company headquartered in New York, USA, with its Nigerian office in Enugu. The company's expertise in leveraging technology to address educational challenges will ensure that processes like transcript issuance become seamless and straightforward.

KSMART SOLUTIONS aims to make it possible for EBSU students and graduates to retrieve and send transcripts with just a click of a button, offering a remarkable improvement in the efficiency and reliability of the university's administrative operations.

This transition to a cashless and paperless system is expected to set a precedent for other educational institutions in Nigeria, demonstrating the positive impact of technology on improving accountability, reducing financial leakages, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.