Enugu Teachers Praise Governor Mbah for Minimum Wage Implementation

Enugu State teachers express gratitude to Governor Mbah for swift implementation of minimum wage, dismissing planned protests by NUT.

Enugu Teachers Praise Governor Mbah for Minimum Wage Implementation
Governor Peter Mbah

In an atmosphere of jubilation and gratitude, teachers across Enugu State have lauded Governor Peter Mbah for his commitment to improving their welfare, particularly in implementing the state's minimum wage for primary school teachers. The Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) Enugu State chapter expressed profound appreciation to the state government, noting that Governor Mbah's administration had addressed four out of five key demands presented by the union.

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Chairman of the Enugu State NUT, Comrade Theophilus Nweke, emphasized Governor Mbah's swift action in setting up a committee to address teachers' concerns upon assuming office. Nweke highlighted that the governor's approval and subsequent implementation of the minimum wage for teachers demonstrated his genuine concern for their well-being. He also dismissed rumors of a planned protest by certain elements, affirming that the union's engagement with the government had been fruitful, leading to tangible results.

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The payment of minimum wages, which commenced in December 2023, has brought immense relief to teachers who had endured a three-year wait. Videos capturing the celebratory mood among Enugu State teachers circulated widely on social media platforms, reflecting the significance of this development to the education sector in the state.

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As Enugu State teachers express gratitude for the positive changes under Governor Mbah's leadership, the focus now shifts to sustained efforts in enhancing educational standards and fostering a conducive environment for teaching and learning.