From 4.03 to 4.63 CGPA : The Success Story of Mustapha Kabir a First-class Graduate

From 4.03 to 4.63 CGPA : The Success Story of Mustapha Kabir a First-class Graduate

From 4.03 to 4.63 CGPA : The Success Story of Mustapha Kabir a First-class Graduate


Despite facing difficulties and challenges, Mustapha Kabiru Abdullahi, an indigene of Kebbi State from the Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Engineering in the Faculty of Agriculture at the 2022/2023 academic session, has persevered and achieved the impressive feat of being the best graduating student in his department.

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Despite applying for Medical Laboratory Science in his first and second years of study, Mustapha realized that his aspirations were unattainable and decided to study Agriculture instead. Although this was not his original choice, he dedicated himself to his studies and overcame his disappointment.


Mustapha recalled, 'I've always been driven to pursue a medical course, particularly Medical Laboratory Science. However, fate had other plans for me and my path led me to study Agriculture instead."

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At 27, Mustapha reminisced on his journey with an air of incredulity tinged with gratitude. He was pleasantly surprised to have achieved a 4.03 CGPA in his first year, but admits that he did not imagine earning a first-class degree.


"I was just focused on doing my best and striving for success,' Abdullahi explained. "While I worked hard, I never thought I'd achieve such a high grade."


A shift in mindset led Mustapha to soar to new heights.

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Like a phoenix from the ashes, Kabiru was reborn with a newfound ambition. With a 4.03 CGPA in his first year, he saw potential in himself and realized that he could achieve much more if he dug deep and worked even harder. He sharpened his focus and aimed for the stars, finally achieving a remarkable 4.63 CGPA in his finals.


It was like a lightbulb moment,' Mustapha reflected.


Mustapha was overjoyed with his achievement, feeling thankful to Allah for making it possible. He said, "It's a dream come true!"


Mustapha faced many challenges throughout his studies. He struggled with managing his time, financial problems, and maintaining his mental health. But he never gave up. Even when things were hard, he kept going. He managed his stress during exams and stayed focused on his goals.


Mustapha's perseverance was fueled by several key strategies. These included steadfast consistency, shrewd time management, reaching out for support when necessary, an unwavering drive to succeed, and harmonizing his academic life with personal pursuits. However, he humbly recognizes that his achievements were ultimately steered by divine providence, attributing his success to Allah's will.


To undergraduates


"My advice to the remaining undergraduates would be to stay focused on their goals, believe in their abilities, and not be afraid to seek support when needed. Consistency in whatever they set themselves to achieve is crucial, and they should remember that success is a journey, not a destination," he advised.


Post-graduation, Mustapha strives to imbue himself with further knowledge and skills, seeking to expand his expertise in his field and make meaningful contributions to his community.


"I intend to embark on a master's degree journey, delving deeper into my field of study, while simultaneously cultivating practical experience through internships. Moreover, I aspire to impact my society in a positive and fruitful manner," Mustapha elucidates, his ambition and altruism resonating in every word.