FUTA Undergraduates Lead Sciencoon Movement, Bringing Science Education to High Schools

FUTA Students Lead Sciencoon Movement to High Schools

FUTA Undergraduates Lead Sciencoon Movement, Bringing Science Education to High Schools
Federal University of Technology, Akure

A dedicated group of undergraduates from the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) has embarked on a mission to revolutionize how high school students perceive science and technical subjects, as well as education. This initiative, led by FUTA undergraduates under the banner of "SCIENCOON," is taking the message of science education to secondary schools in Akure, Ondo State.

The President of the Club, Daniel Olaboyede, shared insights about their latest outreach efforts. "During our outreach programs, we showcased a series of exciting experiments aimed at kindling the students' interest in science. We also emphasized the significance of formal education, underscored by our campaign slogan, 'School is not a scam.' In addition to this, we hosted career symposiums and worked on reorienting the students' mindset," he explained.

The participating schools in this endeavor include CAC Grammar School, St. Peter Unity Secondary School, African Church Comprehensive High School, Oyemekun Grammar School, and St. Michael Catholic Secondary School.

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SCIENCOON, a club established on June 6, 2022, takes its name from two English words: "Science" and "Cocoon." President Olaboyede expounded on this, saying, "Science simply means to know, and 'Cocoon' refers to a case that encloses the eggs of insects and spiders. Hence, SCIENCOON signifies a world that encompasses different individuals, in this case, students, who are fervently passionate about science and poised to offer solutions to societal challenges. Our motto is 'Exploring the world of Science.' On February 1st this year, we unveiled SCIENCOON as a science organization dedicated to promoting science education among secondary and tertiary institution students."

The club firmly advocates that education is not a scam. Olaboyede asserted, "True education sets you apart, fosters innovation, and makes you self-sufficient."

In addition to their school visits, Sciencoon regularly organizes events and undertakes projects aimed at enhancing learning. These efforts include webinars covering diverse topics such as Neuroscience, Astrobiology, and scientific publishing.

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Sciencoon is a science club providing students with a platform to express their scientific curiosity, expand their scientific knowledge, and pursue their interests by actively engaging in scientific activities. Through their outreach and initiatives, they are taking significant steps to foster a love for science and education among the next generation of students.